Hi Goddess,

I'm Jenny, a Goddess Life Coach who gives women permission to fully love and embrace all aspects of their Goddess-SELF.

My message is LOVE YOURSELF.

With this you can achieve your dreams, live the fullest expression of yourself, and OWN your life. Writing my novel, "The Jennifers" my self-empowerment book "Sexpot With Stretch Marks" I put myself out there not just for me, but to inspire, uplift, and empower others. I believe in your dreams too.

Ladies, you wanna-be-goddesses who already are goddesses...you just can't see it:

  • Is this FINALLY the time where you finally love yourself on all levels?
  • In all areas of life?
  • Where you feel finally in control of your mind?
  • Where you feel free and peaceful at the same time?
  • Powerful and at ease?
  • The creator of your experience?

Let me help you!

You have options to work with me. Think of something you want to purchase and then think about the idea of investing in yourself.

A vacay or an expensive bag can give you the good feels or avoidance of life for a week but it doesn't last.

When you get tools and guidance on how to unlock your full potential within, where you practice that inner goddess inside of you, and harness your magic, brilliance, and beauty that only you are, it's priceless and long-lasting.  

You'll be unstoppable.

You are worth it.

P.S. When your vibe raises and your energy shifts, everyone around you benefits. Drop the word selfish from your inner self vocabulary that your mean girl can say to you at times. Be self-full. Be a full cup chick. Make your change happen. Get my support. Live the best version of yourself and have the very best life.  It's YOUR time.

Blessings to all.

Open Up to your Fired-Up Life, Align with Joy, and Raise your Vibe!


I feel you.  I know this place.

I’ve been there a couple different times.  I’ve gotten the soul nudge when I need to shift things. Some call it the dark night of the soul. Sure feels like it.  Like the death of happy.  In my twenties I had two healthy kids and a wonderful husband.  I was overweight.  I lost 60 pounds.  Then if felt like I lost my mind.  I didn’t know who I was anymore.  I got the thing I thought would make me happy and I was miserable.  I secretly hated myself and compared myself to others.  I had a lot of anger.  It felt like I was missing something and like I was waiting for life to start.

Like I was waiting for something to happen.  Lost.  Waiting to escape or numb myself at times, even with TV and social media (MySpace back then).  Everyone seemed to know this magic thing about life that I didn’t and their lives were better.  I did deep inner work on myself, did different energy trainings, studied the Law of Attraction, tried to find my OWN way.  My own path burst wide open when I found my writing…then blogging…which led people to ask me to coach them.  I was like…ME?!?!?  But of course ME!  I walked through the fire and rose like a Phoenix through the ashes.

I realized I had done this several times through focus and intention.  But that was unconscious, versus the self-love, conscious, spiritual and mindset work of my thirties.  I pass on the torch to you now.  I help you activate that fire within.  I have tools.  I build you up so you can soar into your own genius, brilliance, and Light.


  • It’s energy.  
  • It’s mindset.  
  • It’s daily self-care.  
  • It’s getting help.  

That’s what will change everything. It’s time to change your life.  Not like move to a foreign city necessarily, but change how you FEEL. You are meant to have the life of your dreams and feel like a million bucks EVERY DAMN DAY!  

I am your guide, healer, BFF, cheerleader, confidante, cheerleader, safe place, and coach about everything in your whole life.

We cover all areas.  We find new ways to think, do things, and be.  My intuitive insights will teach you how to react to life differently. You will learn how to clear your energy and mind, rewrite your beliefs and mindset, and amph up your LifeForce energy.  Your outer circumstances will no longer dictate the joy factor in your inner life.  Your mojo meter will go through the roof!  This is YOUR time.  Now.

Let’s do this! Your Next Step IS...

Let me be your teacher and we will have so much freakin’ fun!   Masterminds, sisterhoods, friendhoods.  ;’)  You’ll have it all!  Authentic tangible woo woo!   I’m real and Jerseylicious, but we will go soul deep.  I'm a soul, empowerment, and mojo ninja who will coach you out of your shit and into your shift.  I bring all my magic to the table and all the chips are out.  

Let’s play.  Are you game?