Why I’m Like a Kindergartner


Last week, I went on a class trip to the zoo with my yougest son’s kindergarten class. The teacher, Mrs. Riley, gave me a group of four kids, my son Seamus, another boy Andrew, and two girls, Holly, and Sarah. You can see them in the picture here with my hubby and youngest daughter, Dylan. (Thank God I had a helper!) The little girls rushed over to me and gushed, “I love your sunglasses. I love your lipstick. I love your love and your heart too. (one of my tats) I love your ring.” They were lovin’ me! They wanted to hold my hand. They are just fully themselves, uncensored and not holding back at all. I so love that! I always compliment people just like they did and I genuinely mean it. I think every woman is beautiful and I always tell them that.

I can TOTALLY come across like a Kindergartener!  I don’t hold back on love for sure. I can make friends in an instance. Like real friends, no BS, no chit chat…but like meaty…although I don’t eat meat. Let’s go with juice. I love juicy friendships that nourish my soul and/or they crack me the hell up. Heart and humor are essential. Having a heart-to-heart’s is one of my favorite things in the world. It makes me feel more connected to them, myself, and the Divine. I love sharing my truths right off the bat and don’t want to wait ten years to get to know someone for real. Life’s too short for that. I don’t need more acquaintances.  I do soul sisters.  I think it’s obvious I’m super affectionate and that hugs are a requirement.

I also react with the same enthusiasm as a Kindergartner…to the animals at the zoo and life in general. Just ask my mom, sister, and daughter. Every time we go to New York City to see a Broadway show, it’s like a spiritual experience for me. I get so giddy. Of course I get like that in Disney too because, well it’s HappyWorld!  I see all the details and get distracted by cool things but I am very present when I am focused on someone. If I’m with a client, I am fully present. I sit on comfy chair in my bedroom and my three littles take turns snuggling with me and telling me about whatever they want. The other night I became the Life coach to Seamus, his teddy bear, Buzz LightYear, and Rapper the pig (which is actually a cow stuffed animal).  He asked me if there was anything he could help me with. He was so genuine and I felt his whole heart in those words. His eyes were so wise and I saw him growing up. Last night, he asked me to sing him a song. I do not sing well…AT ALL. So I sang “You are my Sunshine.” He said, “You can do it. You’re did a good job,” and other sweet things as he was mentoring me in that moment. i love magical moments like that. I have a lot of them, just like Kindergartner.

Yesterday, I got into an argument with one of my kids and then my hubby pointed out where I was wrong and I acted like a brat when I felt judged. But like a kindergartner, I got over it in a minute. Literally, I went to the bathroom and was over it completely withing three minutes max. I spoke with my hubby and the kid I argued with. I said I was sorry and we said what would be good for us both to work on. I say sorry easily and do not need to be right all the time. I wear my heart on my sleeve and you always know how I feel. I am totally a kindergartener!  Shout to my Kindergarten teach who I loved, Miss Bono, who is actually a Facebook friend of mine.

PicMonkey CollageK

Top left:  First day of Kindergarten.  Top right:  Already posing…airplane or cheerleader arms?  Bottom left:  Me smiling of course Bottom right:  Rockin’ a red shirt and pigtails.

::NEW MOON:: March 8th

Simple as a pimple astro info:

Today is the New Moon. It’s also an Eclipse. Epic energy today. New beginnings are magnified with the Eclipse energy. Write down your intentions. Feel into what you really, really want. You get to create. Practice the feeling of what you desire. Set it free and let it go into the wind and beyond the ether. The Universe supports intention and attention. Focus on purpose.

What do you want? Don’t be afraid to declare it!

I would like to support your intention with this New Moon. It may be a word/theme of one or more, a state or feeling, a tangible goal, or am “I AM” power statement.

Manifestations, Clarity, Abundance, Mojo
I usher in a deeper connection to Spirit and more inner peace.
I call in five more Immersion Gold clients and I will change their lives for the epic better.
I AM a confident, successful, passionate, and prosperous goddess.
I intend to fire up my purpose to the next level.

What is yours? (Remember you are worthy and it is possible.)
Comment below. xoxo

The F word…and Captain Obvious post of the day.


Captain Obvious post of the day…I’m a little bitchy without wine…

Well also, no sugar, dairy, or gluten. Lots of great awareness of my anger today. Not wanting to take responsibility for how I feel. Kids are home from school and did not want to run errands. My husband bribed them. I was salty. Story in my mind…”I can’t have what I want.” HUGE! BIGGIE! This is a limiting belief many have. Life coaches are still people and are working on their own stuff. I dropped the story and took my sweet ass out in the freezing cold and boom…shit was shifted.

No lie, I dreamed about bread, cheese, and money and the night before I dreamt about the liquor store. NO LIE! Cheers to 2/12. (I did a 30 Day challenge for myself on 1/11)

********If we were to have a snowstorm, I decree the no wine to be null and void. I ain’t that crazy! 😉

Now for the F word…

What do you need help with?
What are you afraid to look at within yourself?
Why do you feel stuck?
Are you willing to ask for help and be vulnerable to put your shit out there? Are you ready to shift it?

The difference in “shit” and “shift” is one letter. F
Do you secretly say to yourself…Fuck yeah I’m ready to change! I’m fucking sick of this! What the fuck is wrong with me!?!? Let us look at some other F words to add.

What if we looked at adding fun?
What about focus?
What about your fierce?
Are you in the flow?
Do you know how fabulous you are?

Do you know you have it within yourself? Yes, you do! Whether it is weight, business, prosperity, relationships…whatever shit you are sick of…I can help. Let’s shift this together. You don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s do fun, focus, fierce, flow, and fabulous you, Foxy! You got this!

Chakras FAQ:

Q: What the heck are chakras, woo woo girl?
A. Chakras are the seven centers in our bodies in which energy flows through, our prana, our life force. They are associated special areas of our physical and mental/emotional bodies. When they are out of whack, we are whack and cannot manifest what we want. It’s like whack-a-mole where we try to squash problems, dramas with people, or “issues.” Then we try a million different things to create what we want and nothing works. They have been mentioned in the spiritual texts Yoga Upanishads since as far back as 600 B.C. There is a ton you can learn about them, but I like to make it simple and practical to empower you. Knowing how your own energy works is the key to freedom.

Q. How do you read chakras?
A. After studying them off and on for 18 years, they just speak to me. Yes, I speak chakra but not in words always. I’m aware of the energy. If you’ve coached with me on the past year, you know I don’t “think” about it, it just happens.  I think it’s super important to know what is the “problem” so we find a “solution” but think of it more as questions creating answers and contrast manifesting expansion of a new you/life/experience.

Q. How do you balance chakras and clear the blocks.
A. I teach a chakra meditation that you can do for yourself but I supercharge it with affirmations. Seeing where they are not flowing through your awareness is like therapy for the emotional and spiritual bodies (sometimes even the physical ones). I show you how your relationships are actually teaching about where your life force is not flowing unhindered and where you have leaky energy and feel drained. We also work on your auric field so you are not absorbing other people’s energy like a sponge or you are not constantly triggered with Swiss cheese energy.  People see the weak spots or sense the holes in your energy unconsciously.  Think of how you feel around crowds or certain people and if you are sensitive to energy, you know exactly that feeling.

Q. Will just wearing the color of a chakra or a stone that correlates with that chakra heal drama or trauma stuff in a chakra?
A. No. You must be shifting something with thoughts or energy as well. You got to get real with your shadow, love the shit out of it, and then do the Law of Attraction and woo woo magic. Yoga and meditation are gateways as well, but you must bring your spiritual practice and self-growth energy into your every day life.

Q. Can we open our chakras to flow perfectly permanently?
A.  Maybe if you lived in an ashram in meditation for hours or in a hut in the middle of nowhere.  We live in a modern society and we can be affected by the collective consciousness energy like fear, worry, anxiety if we don’t keep our vibe high.  I don’t make a big deal of them not being optimal constantly because I think of them as the same as when you have tension in your shoulders and get a massage.  They hold energy imprints just like our cells and physical bodies.  A chakra balancing is like a tune-up is to your car, as is a massage to your body.  You must do the daily upkeep though.  Do what brings you joy.  Find out what raises your vibration.

Q.  What’s the simple rundown of each one?
A.  You can do research your whole entire life on these and still find new info.  There are chants and yoga poses, jewelry, essential oils, and products to go along with them, but the super simple 411 can be found in my FREE 7 day course Chakratstic which you sign up here:

Sign up here:

That Damn Starbucks cup. again


Happy Night Before the Night the Night Before Christmas!

I want to wish you all an amazing Holiday season. Bring on the Light! It’s the season of Light, with the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas. We see days shorter and the dark night longer, which make us took with and examine ourselves. With the year coming to a close, we look back on 2015 and take inventory of our goals, wins, losses, and our journey to now.

Let’s use the combined energy of the Full Moon on Christmas which is the first one since the year I was born, 1977. Pretty powerful energy here to the old ‘issues” of 2015 to wipe the slate clean and create anew in 2016. Think of three words you want to embody in 2016.

Now for the cup drama…


My Facebook and Instagram post was:
Who wants to send me one? (diamond emoji) ‪#‎starbucks‬ ‪#‎bling‬ ‪#‎swarovski‬ ‪#‎crystals‬
Innocent enough, right?

This led to a comment thread that I won’t stir up drama but here’s the gem of a lesson here. The lady’s stinger-push button-judgy comment that is key…”allow me to offended by you asking someone to get you a $75US coffee mug when so many would need that money at this time of the year for basics…” and then goes on to say “who needs a 75$ mug?”

I do, LOL! See the funny part is, the very next day I saw they have $200 gift cards all blinged out by Swarovski crystals as well. What a great high end gift.

If you thought…THAT’S SO EXPENSIVE, that’s a mindset.

Mindset MONEY SHOT alert…if you judge others for how they spend THEIR money, you are not allowing yourself to receive money. You are blocking abundance in your life. f it wasn’t paying in “money” it would be goats back in the day. It’s just an exchange. Whether someone invests in my coaching, business, a new toupee (picture Donald Trump), or a freakin’ $75 super cute sparkly cup…I DO NOT CARE! It’s their money, their life, and their choice. Yay for awareness.

As for said commenter, I set a personal boundary stating I only have love for her and I unfriended her. If it feels negative to me, I get to choose whether to receive it as truth for me. She is not wrong and I am right, it doesn’t matter. When “spiritual” people judge me or others in a certain way, it feels icky, off, and not truth as I perceive it.

Open your mind to all the possibilities for money coming to you and how to spend it. let go of the judgment and go to gratitude. be happy when you see people spend money. It’s a reminder. We are ALL infinite potential. Embody that. Let yourself be Light.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Sugar plum kisses,
Jenny G. Perry

P.S. Please tell Santa I was good…c’mon help a gal out.  😉

Why I’m a phony?

And you are too.
Blasphemy for a life coach!

Do I really believe this?

No.  I think we are all human.  I think some of us try to focus on the positive.  And if you are promoting your business, lifestyle, coaching or positioning yourself as an expert…you should have ALL your shit together.

A.  This is a perfectionist trap.
B.  This would mean you would have to live in a hut in the middle of nowhere ALONE with all your needs taken care of.

You know…conditions would have to be PERFECT.  Hahahaha!  My life in in New Jersey.  I have five kids.  They are all spirited with complex personalities.  Obviously all kids are, but most of mine are fiery.  Wonder where they get it from.  😉

Even if you are just on social media for fun, you are not being 100% authentic.  I try to be heart authentic as possible, but I’m not posting pics of my junk drawers (yes, plural) or how my bathrooms need to be cleaned. Does this mean people can’t know the real me.  The real me is ALL of it, good, babd, and ugly but lots of times I can’t post stuff related to other people in my life and it’s their business anyway.  Does it hold me back as a writer and blogger…at times yes.  Does it hold me back as a life coach, to not post all the rawness?  No, but dealing with it makes me a better life coach, as I gain more experience, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, clarity, and focus.  You should know I talk to coaches all the time and behind-the-scenes they are struggling, working on, or dealing with something they don’t post about.  They are still being authentic and not phony.  They may use filters on their photos.  I do all the time.  They use retouched photos for their ads and it’s just smart business.  Let’s let go of judging others and ourselves so harshly.  Let people own their best selves and cheer them on as they get closer to it.  I’m cheering you all on and don’t judge you for where you are now.  It’s just today.  Your future self is being created right now.

So if you think you know me from social media, just like all of us, you get a snippet of my life.  Not everyone can be in our private life. I hope you all have friends who can help you when you are going through something…because some people never let anyone in.  If you are going through relationship problems with a partner, child, parent, sibling, or friend, sometimes it’s hard to talk about as it confirms it to be real.  Or we may cry if we start talking.  I have had some really stressful things going on lately (not with the hubs so don’t even get any ideas-LOL!).  I don’t post this on social media, but I will share what I learn on the other side.  If it looks like I am a phony because I post happy things, pretty selfies, and inspiring quotes and you know in my “real life” I have what you would call “problems”…that’s on you.  I am being me in the best way I can.  Going on rants online is not my thing.  Problems are opportunities for solutions.  Just like questions are creating answers.  It’s all about perspective.   There is juice in all of it to be gained.  Be easy on yourself and others. Everyone has got some “stuff.”

I love you guys!

Wishing you all abundant success, passion, happiness, and peace wrapped up in love,
Jenny G. Perry
Mojo Expert-Life Catalyst

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