Inner Goddess Self-study program


Do you want to feel…


Can you imagine what it would feel like if…

You could forgive yourself and others so you can heal whatever has kept you stuck or holding you back from what you want?

You could see your triggers and how your buttons get pushed…and not let that happen anymore?

You could put your baggage in a suitcase and leave it outside of your mind for good?

You could manifest what you desire in all areas of life?

You could harness your Goddess to live on purpose, with intention, consciously making things flow easily in life?

You could use the Law of Attraction to shift from what you don’t want to what you do want?

You could totally change the voice of your self-talk and change your happiness through your vibration?


This morning I woke up to have the most powerful coaching call I have had in a while with Jenny G. Perry.


Before our call I was feeling good about my life and business but I was worried about how I was showing up online. Our call started with the usual check-In and progressed to a place I did not see coming.

I got a download during our call that I was not sure about. Honestly, I thought it might have been for Jenny, but when she began her inquiry, my heart bulbs went off. I knew exactly what it meant and that was the beginning of my A-has.

At first, I was scared because I had not shared my experience with many people and I had been carrying around a belief that I didn’t even consciously remember I had. Jenny reassured me that I was safe with her and she cleared my chakras and opened up my ability to receive from spirit.

What I received and Jenny’s compassionate coaching really allowed me to release a ton Of shame and guilt that I was carrying around since I was 8 years old. The tears could not stop flowing. And with it the gratitude. It was not at all what I was expecting but it blew my mind. It was what I desperately needed! I cannot recommend Jenny enough.

If you have mindset blocks, or limiting beliefs or just emotional crap stopping you from showing up the way you want to, please go talk to Jenny. She will help you get unblocked so go to Jenny.

Who’s Jenny anyways?

Jenny G. Perry is the #1 Best-selling author of Sexpot With Stretch Marks (self-empowerment book) and also a sexy beach novel “The Jennifers.”  She is also a Life Coach who creates transformation as she weaves her intuitive mind-body-spirit style into her no-nonsense practical approach.

She’s given author talks for her novel “The Jennifers” where she not only talks about life, her journey of self-loathing to loving but also reinventing yourself and following your dreams.

She has been featured as a blogger on,, Thrive for, and

She was also in the May 2014 issue of Oprah magazine.

She is featured on the cover of

One of her blogs was also featured on and

This silly-sassy-spiritual-sexpot, she aims to uplift, empower and inspire daily. She’s a feisty married mother of five who is madly in love with her husband of twenty years.  She loves to blog on social media about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. She has a passion for life, sensuality, fashion, and a bold voice which preaches self-love daily.

You can find her blog at For all her shenanigans, follow her on social media as Jenny G. Perry.



Week 1 Truth-Identity: You will get clarity about where you are at in all areas of your life.

Week 2 Forgiveness-Freedom:  We take the raw energy from Week 1 and heal old wounds and unblock pathways that were formed in our subconscious.

Week 3 Clarity-direction:  You will get clear on how you want to think, feel, and be.

Week 4 Fire-expression: You activate your mojo through focusing on positive aspects, as the Universe feels you reset your programming of self towards your Goddess-SELF.

Week 5 Vibration: Openness:  It will be like you are on a vacation this week here.  Pleasure with be your guide.

Week 6 Purpose-focus: This is where you will be taking action steps to create what you want.

Week 7 Intuition-Living the Goddess-SELF full-time New principles of the Goddess-SELF: This is you will write your Goddess-SELF Declaration of Independence™.

Week 8 Goddess Rising: Manifestation: You will check for conflicts in desire and belief and use gratitude to amp up your manifesting powers.


This self-guided Goddess exploration will change your motherfucking life. ~ Jenny G. Perry



Ladies, please listen.

There are two points I want to make.

It is okay for you to be focused on trying to be day by day, moment by moment, trying to be the best mom, doing minimal self-care, and not focused on your partner and feel like sex is just one more thing you have to do….

I have been there.

Please don’t stay there too long though.

Hear me. No judgement here, just sharing what helped me come alive.

Shut the fuck up about your belly pouch. Seriously, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. We all, except some fitness or lucky ones, or ones who have had work done.

YOU ARE STILL SEXY! You are beautiful.

I know what it’s like to stress about money, home work balance, anxiety about the world, feeling like the kids suck your dry, being angry all the time, feeling alone, and yes the hating of the body.

Obligatory sex once a week. I did that a time in my twenties.

I was not putting energy into my marriage and neither was he.

We loved each other always, but I was checked out and so was he. TV was entertainment, not each other.

Dates felt awkward.

I’d bitch about the kids. He’d bitch about work.

I felt closer to girlfriends than him.

But I will tell you I went on an inner quest, a wild ass journey to get to know myself and learn to like her, to be happy without outer things changing, and to feel alive.

Just going through the motions was not going to work anymore. I felt like I was dying the housewife slow death. I worked sporadically but it wasn’t anything that fulfilled me.

I was guided to write a novel.

Then another. (First one is next to be published though.)

I found a PASSION. I decided to talk nicely to myself. I choose to work on our relationship. I believe marriage needs to be emotionally renewed yearly or more…maybe just once is your turning point.

I looked at sex differently. It became transcendent. Cosmic love in our hearts and bodies. Sex is an act. Many different ways and flavors. .Sensual way of being with each other many call foreplay. Your life can be foreplay.

I’m telling you all of this so you know you can change it.

If you lose the connection long enough, it can create something where one side i done and/or has moved on with someone else secretly.

Don’t look to your partner to change. Complaining about them on a constant is not a motivator. Focus on what you like about them.

There is so much juice in focus, choice, accepting your partner fully, honoring them, and making them feel like you cherish them.

Create romance. Seduce yourself. Talk to yourself like you know you are a Goddess. Self-love yourself with baths, yoga class, a new purse, whatever self-care you need to feel like a woman and not just a role like mom, wife, lawyer, whatever.

Make the dinner reservation and book the babysitter. i dare you to make it an overnighter.

Buy the lingerie, candles, toys, whatever lights you up.

Do this for YOU. Do this for you BOTH.

A happy marriage/relationship is a great foundation for your children. They are going to grow up and move out. Don’t wait to pay attention to your partner then.

Treat each other life boyfriend or girlfriend again.

This is possible for you. Whenever you are ready.

It is worth it to be madly in love again

And to love myself deep down into my cells….flaws and all.

xx, Jenny

(P.S. My kids are 20, 16, 10, 7, & 3 and my husband and I have been together for 21 years, married for 20)


P.P.S.   Let’s work on this.  Take the leap.  Email me at; and we can chat to see if we’d be a good match to work together 1:1 or one of my programs.  .


Dress For A New Vibe~Self-Love Style

Every day, I choose how I want to feel. I create a look, I set a vibe.  I dress for me.  Some may stare and wonder why I’m overdressed or where I’m going…what my job is.  Well, I’m a Transformation Coach, Self-Love Goddess, and Mojo Maven.


I dress the part as I’m a Multidimensional Transformation Life Coach who gives women permission to fully love and embrace all aspects of their Goddess-SELF.  I dress and treat myself like I’m a Goddess!  I believe every woman is.  If I had my way, I’d wave my magic wand and instantly all women would love themselves and see their beauty and brilliance.  I model this as best I can daily.  I preach and teach it as i walk my talk.  I am the mom of five and technically could live in yoga pants..or lately LulaRoe leggings!  i actually have two different colored ones with diamonds on them cause I love bling.  They are so soft…like butter.  And my booty looks good in them.  For the bootylicious leggings, hop into these groups by three of my friends.

Jill Walsh’s group here:

Jessica Bechtold here:

Kathleen A. Brown here:


I actually have soooooooooooooooo much fun with makeup, sunglasses, jewelry, and clothes.  I love different fabrics and how colors make me feel.  I’ll even put a song on to get ready and raise ,my vibe.  When I was a kid I loved going to church because I got to dress fancy.  Look at me lookin’ all cray cray!

I used to have so much fun dressing up as a kid.  As an adult, I felt I had to conform in order to fit in.  Up until age 34 did I really start becoming my own Goddess.  For five years I have been transforming and becoming me fully.  I share my truth through my words and pictures to inspire, uplift, and empower other women who are where I was.  Lifting up others, cheering them on,and coaching people brings me immense joy!  I believe in living your purpose and passion in the most fun way possible.  Do you still play like a kid or have you stopped having fun!  I dare you to buy fun leggings with a crazy print from LulaRoe ladies I listed above.  I CANNOT wait for their Christmas ones to come out!  I love a theme!  Also, join my Facebook group about Self-Love where I’m doing an “I DARE YOU” challenge every day this week around style and self-love.

Join here: 

Also, did you ever want to chat with me?  YOU CAN!  How fun will that be?  if you want to check out this FREE offer I have. It will expire in 7 days,  so just hop onto my Facebook page and get on my calendar….here:


Love you all!!!!!!
Jenny G.  Perry

Jenny G. Perry | Transformation Coach Self-Love Goddess

Get Your Freak On-(Ugly workout pics always welcome!)

Day two of Jenny on a fitness mission!

I always work out, but this is GAME ON! It would be great if just Pilates and BARRE workout were enough, but I need cardio! I want to lose ten pounds I’ve gained in the past two years. I’ve always done it by running but I’d dread it. I only want to do it the FEEL-GOOD way now. Life is too short to feel bad.  I’m and fire and inspired!

In classic Jennylicious style, I exercised in my pj’s as not to make more laundry. The same pj’s I walked Seamus to the bus stop in. I’m not a 6 or 7am girl so I’m trying to get back in the school schedule groove. I am diggin’ the workouts on my Comcast On Demand and I like the walking style ones they have.  Today was the Super Fat Burning day!


This Leslie lady is a lovely woman but I don’t need to hear her talk, I get the gist. I just watch the movements. I looked on my Pandora. 80’s Cardio station looked enticing. I kept scrolling. Tootsie Roll Radio…YE$!!!!!    

OMG! “Pony” by Ginuwine came on first (Two of my favorite drinks in their name) All I could think was…duh…MAGIC MIKE! Yum! That movie was everything! I love cheesy movies and hot guys! Who doesn’t?

Anyway, as soon as it came one, I thought…it’s gonna be a good day! The Music gods sometimes absolutely LOVE me! We started out the warm up. I was feeling it. I had my 1 lb. weighted gloves on that I use with every workout now. Mid-way through the workout, she used some little weighted blue balls.  She didn’t say what weighed but she did high reps so I think not too much (1-3 lbs. max.). I used my 3 lb. weights.

“Tootsie Roll” by 69 Boyz came on and I was in full Tootietastic mode. Picture terrible dancing, 90’s ish style with a weird mad looking dance face with duck lips. (I can’t help it! My subconscious just makes me do that face instinctively!) I was going way faster than them and was jogging instead of walking during those parts. I worked up an awesome sweat and the music made it easy to go fast.

“Get Your Freak On” by Missy Elliot came on and I was like…HELL YEAH…I’m gettin’ my Freak On! I know it means a naughty thing I’m sure but I was in the zone and was going to make any song I could match this BEAST MODE!

“I Like The Way You Move” by Outkast came on during the cool down and I was talking to myself at that point! Like…yes, you look good…you know until you see you are a sweaty mess. LOL! I still love myself sweaty, no makeup, at 120 lbs. when I want to be at 110. It’s my job to like me at the very least.

I had so much FREAK-ing fun and this is my new workout thing. Walking/jogging workouts on the TV with amazing tunes. I also added a challenge at the end of my workouts that I’ll share. I hope all of you has as much fun as I do with your workouts.

Challenge: All with the 1 lb. weighted gloves on
Holding one 8 lb. weight, 20 squats with knees facing forward
Holding one 8 lb. weight, 20 squats with legs spread out and knees facing diagonal to the side
20 push-ups
200 crunches
(The sequence 3x)

Crunch varieties-
100 crunches with legs bent and touching the floor
100 crunches with legs bent and up at a 90 degree angle crossed at the ankles
100 oblique crunches with legs bent to the side (100 on each side)
100 oblique crunches with one leg bent and on the opposite knee, crunching to the side (100 on each side)
100 leg lifts with hands under the butt to support the back

Feeling still feisty
20 jumping jacks (first set I literally peed my pants and ran to the bathroom where my potty-trainer tells me big girls do not pee their pants and she had no idea I just did!!!!!!)
20 lunge dips on the right leg
20 jumping jacks (I did not pee this time)
20 lunge dips on the left leg
20 jumping jacks (YAY…stayed dry…LOL!)
40 walking lunges

Why did I pee? Cause I have five children which was five births and that’s what you get. It’s only with jumping jacks though. Weird!

I hope you will follow my blog and journey to get back into my best shape. Until I get a tummy tuck, squishy belly has to do, but also I don’t aim for the cover of SELF magazine…I aim to be happy!

Let’s so FUN! In fitness and life!


I know celebs look hot in their gym selfies but I am proud of this sweaty pic. It’s not glam, but it’s real. Show me your raw workout pics too!