Let Go & Hold On

There’s a time to let it go and a time to hold on for dear life.  It’s like spiritual common sense, we tend to forget.

Let go of attachment and hold onto your intention.
Let go of grudges and hold onto your truth.
Let go of blocks and hold onto focus.
Let go of indecision and hold onto certainty.
Let go of confusion and hold onto clarity.
Let go of feelings of lack and hold onto ones of abundance.
Let go of thoughts of limitations and hold onto creative ideas.
Let go of drama and hold into peace.
Let go of what brings you down and hold onto what lifts you up.
Let go of what makes you feel bad and hold onto what makes you feel good.
Let go of what no longer serves you and hold onto what adds to your journey.
Let go of the victim story and hold onto the dream.
Let go of negativity and hold onto positivity.
Let go of low vibes and how onto high vibes.
Let go of all the BS, nonsense, and crap that means nothing and hold onto joy. That’s what we’re here for.
Let go of any fear and hold into love.  It’s what you are.

What is your soul telling you? Your feelings will lead the way. Past the emotions that come and go, like an ebb and flow, is a stillness. It’s where knowing lives. It is the wisdom of all that is. This infinite awesome is inside of you. Trust that. Let go of any lies or tricks that tell you otherwise and hold onto God. Get real quiet. This Higher Power, Source, Universe, Love & Light is Divinely divided into all things, but not separate. You are the answer you’re looking for.

Nothing is holding you back, but the story you’re telling yourself. No matter what you say, the Universe hears your energy. Let it be free and light, grace and gratitude, inviting in even more goodness. It’s time. You’re ready. Experience life through the eyes of trust. Namaste, sweet peaches!

Women on Fire

To be a woman building a business, going after her dreams, being outspoken, and unapologetically beautiful and badass…you must make self-love your foundation.  Those that don’t like you to play big will think you’re a snob, if you don’t have time to get back to them.  They’ll think that you think you’re better than them, just for shining bright and not needing their approval or input.   They’ll think you’re pushy, if you’re focused and tenacious.  They’ll think your delusion, if you think outside of the box.  They’ll think you’re ridiculous and high-maintenance, if you are a stickler for details and having things done your way.  They may want to throw stones with their words, out of envy, jealousy, or fear that you just might actualize your goals and they were afraid to ask the Universe and dare to receive all the good stuff.   They may think you are a bitch.  They may think you are crazy. . .like they’re the worst things you can be.  Let ‘em think.  Keep soaring, cause no one can clip your wings, except you. You are a Woman on Fire.

To be a Woman on Fire means you light the fire under people’s asses, unintentionally.  You rattle their cage. You shake the ground under them. They realize the time is now as they see you blazing a new trail.  In this powerful force of nature that you are, you’re transmuting the old with your passion and Light.  Those that don’t know that they also have a Light with, or that combined with passion, we are UNSTOPPABLE. . .will be terrified deep down at the possibility that they might be wrong, that they’ll lose something.  Quite the contrary.  Women on Fire are peaceful warriors-joy badasses-love ninjas who own their contradictions. We don’t need to be right or for others to agree. It’s not our goal.  It’s freedom, happiness, and living their truth.

Whenever someone trips you up, obstacles seek to stop you dead in your tracks, or there’s a limbo phase where you seek clarity on you next move, center in this picture. Imagine all the changemaker women that have ever lived, those that fought for our rights to vote, that secretly taught women to read and shoot and own their strength. Close your eyes and see all of the Women on Fire holding hands forming a circle with you in the middle. They are sending you love and support, a “You got this, Girl” with their eyes and hearts. You’re reassured by this thought that we are all in this together, on a soul level you see competition dissolves and this Goddess energy is a soft strong, like when you give birth, there’s an ebb and flow, a softening/ripening, before we can reach that epic place where we push with all of our beings, so something can be born. Timing is key. Relaxing into the process and trusting makes the whole damn, beautiful thing easier. You feel like you’re being broken open and that you can’t go on, you’ve given it your all, and you have nothing left. That you can’t do it. In your primal recesses, your badass goddess within, knows and gives you a signal to remind you how many women have come before you and did this. That being a women, by birthright, means YOU can do it. Your Woman on Fire steps and gives that last magical surge to get you to the finish line. And magic is born.

This is not just about being able to physically birth a child or that we’re better than men, it’s the knowing what feminine power means. Equal beings all across the planet is what all of us women want. That’s all. As a Woman on Fire, I am saying #bringbackourgirls. They are Women on Fire. Don’t fear us. Let’s join together and make the world even more awesome. I’m picturing all of those girls in the circle and all of us Women on Fire, through all time and space surrounding them, celebrating their safety, freedom, and well being. They are us. Blessings to all.

Warning, I’m human and it’s okay

I still get my feelings hurt.
I still hold grudges.
I still get mad.
I still get sad.
I still get stuck.
I am still human.

This are fleeting moments that pass when I remember I don’t have to do it like that anymore.  Thoughts and emotions don’t have to run my life or me.  I would get tripped up in these things for hours, days, weeks, and months.  Poof.  I recenter and recreate my future instantly.  It molds to my consciousness.  Higher, wiser, lover, freer, meer.  (Made up words to shake things up.)

I notice lots happening right now around me.  I’m aware of the old falling away and newness replacing it.  Uncertainty can be uncomfortable.  The soul growing pains are real. Especially when you are sensitive.  Wherever your triggers are is an opening to let Light in, being broken open like a seed breaking through it’s casing to reveal a flower.  It would scare the shit out of the seed.  And no worries if every time you thought you were a butterfly, you realized you were busting out of a new cocoon.  Being human is a wild ride.

As I look above at my itchy, stick shadow parts of me that I owned, I soften.  I fill myself with love for all my hurt parts that linger within, all my fears and doubts I can’t shake.  Does this mean I’m not a rockstar?  Hell no!  I’m a brave, brilliant, beautiful, badass!  I have learned I can forgive without a sorry.  I can love without it being return or for no reason.  I have endless choices to make in each second.  When I’m present, it’s crystal clear clarity Living your truth is the ultimate freedom.  It’s when true Divine grace lives within you, no matter what the outside look like or judgements are projected.  You’re okay, even if things seem like they are falling apart.  You’re good.  Trust that, peach.  I’m right there with ya.

All the good stuff,

What kind of friend are you?

I have changed as a friend. Years ago, I could be a drain. I also loved when I could fix my friends. It was codependency behavior. I liked to be the giver. I liked to be owed. I liked to get credit for being a “nice” person. I would also join your bitchfest and get on your team, the bandwagon against whoever you disliked at the time, and then I’d wonder later why I did my chameleon thing again. The people pleaser, “like me” version of me wasn’t evil or anything, but very lost at times. I wasn’t trying to be mean. I was just needy. I wanted to be nice all the time, amidst the chaos brewing within my mind. I had rage, anger, and self-hate raging within over the littlest things, making it hard to be me. I needed things outside of myself for happiness. I needed to feel a sense of control, because inside I felt out of control and that life was harsh. I tried to force friends. If people pushed me away, I’d pull harder. If someone was cold towards me or I didn’t win them over, I’d chase them or hate them. . .secretly, of course. And if you were my friend, you couldn’t be friends with them, and if you were I’d feel betrayed. How dare someone not like me! My issues with myself showed up in my relationships obviously. You had to agree with me or I took your differing opinion as making me wrong. I had friends in million dollar homes and was embarrassed if they’d come to my house. What will they think was always my mantra playing like a bad jingle on the radio. I needed you, as my friend, to think everything in my world was good and this was also about how you saw my kids. This is what unhappiness looked like, but you couldn’t see it because I put on a show. I was also afraid friends would leave and walked on eggshells in my mind. I gave them a role I played, not a person.

When I made a new life for myself, as I reinvented-remembered-created-discovered who I was, some friendships fell away and it hurt. We were not on the same vibe anymore. I was sick of talking about the weather. I wanted to talk big dreams and love and life and joy and God. Some people I realized didn’t really want to know me. At first, I had to vilify them and make them bad. My spirit guidance through my intuition told me to send them love and wish them well. It wasn’t personal. To trust it was for my highest good. Those friends that were no longer in the picture were not part of the next chapter. I was too much or not enough for them. I see looking back now to the past three+ years that I wouldn’t be where I’m at if I kept myself small and played the role of the housewife. This fabulous creature you see now had to be let out of her self-imposed cage. In the lonely times where I felt like an outsider, misfit, and outcast led me to become BFF’s with God. That inner dork within morphed like a butterfly into the goddess-love-rebel-badass who sparkled. I saw my friends I still had through different eyes and without any competition. Not gonna lie, it still felt weird or awkward when a friend unfriended me on Facebook. It all helped me grow though. Beauty is, I attracted and continue to find the most amazing soul sisters in the world. I don’t need them, but I love them. They are the sprinkles (jimmies) on my ice cream cone. They rock. I’m blessed to have one best friend since 1990 and the other since 1996. Along with my sister, they’ve loved all the versions of me. They know I’m the one to call if you need a hug, some cheering on, advice from a spiritual perspective, or a wisdom-filled pep talk.

Now, I stand in my own truth with you and know all the jizz-jazz-razz-matazz from the past was me looking for self-love. I had to work on that and then I became a true friend, no strings attached with no agenda or scorecard. I don’t being drama to the table, I bring fun. I won’t play victim, even if I’m working on something. I know that I am of the greatest assistance to my friends, when I share my truth and honor theirs. I consider these connections as sacred and I cherish them. I had to become a good friend to myself and then I could be a great friend to others.

Weight love

This whole loss stuff can drive you bonkers with the right way to do it. Maybe it’s a hamster wheel you’ve been on forever. I’ve been there. I don’t do fad diets. I have. I did the low carb and lost my weight. . .and my sense of humor and mind for a little while. It can be a delicate balance. What I can say for sure is too much sugar is no bueno. It won’t make you feel good. Be choosey about your food, not out of restriction or making it “bad,” but rather out of love for yourself. This sometimes feels like a salad, while other times will feel like a piece of chocolate. I’m a vibe snob and a chocolate snob too. I don’t just want any chocolate. I love to find organic, pure, rich ones made with good ingredients. This makes me feel good and it’s a win-win. No guilty hangover afterwards. If I do have traditional candy from the store, I will feel sugar overload. When I was overweight I was eating a container of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch in one siting after dinner. I was having panic attacks too, which I think relate to sugar, caffeine, among some energy type things. Your taste can really change. I don’t do artificial sweeteners, but I love stevia and monk fruit from Sugar in the Raw. I am all about quality versus quantity in many aspects of life. It is so cliché to say, but it’s really about making it your lifestyle. It’s a love lifestyle. We’ll call it weight love from now on.

I advocate self-love above all. I promote loving yourself exactly how you are. How does this exist if I am doing the Beach body coaching and giving advice on losing weight. People constantly ask me for it. They want to know how to lose weight from someone who used to weight sixty more pounds than they do now and did it without surgery. This is an opportunity for me to cheer them on and guide them to wellness. I want everyone to love themselves and feel good on every level. I drink Shakeology and think protein shakes are great for me because I want something fast and nutritious. As a vegetarian, I want to have protein at each meal still. It is not about skipping a meal. It is a meal for me. I’ll add fruit or peanut butter to it sometimes. I love all the vitamins and superfoods in it. I do T25 and 21-Fix Workouts because they are short and action packed. I can’t spend hours in a gym and it’s a waste for me to pay for a gym if I wasn’t going there everyday. I don’t do thin, I do fit. I’m here to assist those who want to get fit. Fit has a fierce energy, doesn’t it. I want others to feel the empowerment that comes along with finishing a workout, feeling their body firm up and slim down, and getting more endurance and stamina. This can be so fun! I don’t do no pain, no gain. I do let’s do this! Let’s rock this! You got this!

This stuff works and I have tons of experience in losing weight in the healthy and unhealthy way. I’ll be sharing tips, advice, and being the cheerleader in a Facebook group I am creating for those who sign up for Beach Body through me. I’m not for gimmicks. I’m sharing what I’m doing. Do what’s best for you. But if you want to come play with me and do this weight love thing, here’s the way.

If you want to sign up as a customer or a coach under me:

Go Bananas for Coco-nut!

1 c. oat flour
2 c. cacao/cocoa powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 c. unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tsp. baking powder
1/3 coconut oil
1 c. Monk fruit (you could use stevia)
1/2 tsp. salt
1 1/3 c. almond/coconut milk
1/3 c. chia seeds
I banana
2 tsp. vanilla


Put chia seeds in a container with milk and let it sit for 10 minutes. Cream banana and coconut oil together. Add vanilla and coconut. Mix flour, cocoa powder, monk fruit, baking soda. Combine the dry ingredients into the bowl with banana and coconut oil and mix. Add 1/2 chia milk mixture and mix. Add the rest and mix. Bake in a 8×8 container for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.