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Sexpot With Stretch Marks

Sexpot With Stretch Marks launched 1-8-2015.  Forget resolutions, let’s start of self-love revolution.  Available on Amazon and Kindle.

In a culture obsessed with how we look, weight loss and anti-aging, Jenny G. Perry's book, "Sexpot with Stretch Marks" asks us to redefine beauty and passing judgment on other women. Are we allowed to truly love ourselves? Inside this book you'll read empowering words that push the boundaries of how we see our bodies, our stretch marks and our wrinkles. Are we too much or too little? Are we good enough as we are? Loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are now, is the goal of the courageous, enlightening words. Not just about stretch marks but about how you really see yourself, your body and your beauty!

The Jennifers

THE JENNIFERS is a feel good-roller coaster, with friends that rock, hot sex, and lots of drama; perfect for the wild child in all of us. Can you die of boredom? Jen Ratelli, AKA Pink, asks herself. The truth is that her husband, Sal, who you’d like to punch, just adds to the funk she’s in. She is living the rich life she always dreamed of, but has lost her identity in being a housewife. She looks at her fabulous friends, all five also named Jennifer, and knows something has to change because she’s dying inside. Pink, Crystal, Bling, Summer, Cookie, and Ruby (AKA The Jennifers) bring their own dramas along the way, lending support and booze when needed. The Jennifers is a richly moving and fun tale of friendship, love, divorce, and the reality of motherhood, which is brought to life in a deep and funny way.


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