Chakras FAQ:

Q: What the heck are chakras, woo woo girl?
A. Chakras are the seven centers in our bodies in which energy flows through, our prana, our life force. They are associated special areas of our physical and mental/emotional bodies. When they are out of whack, we are whack and cannot manifest what we want. It’s like whack-a-mole where we try to squash problems, dramas with people, or “issues.” Then we try a million different things to create what we want and nothing works. They have been mentioned in the spiritual texts Yoga Upanishads since as far back as 600 B.C. There is a ton you can learn about them, but I like to make it simple and practical to empower you. Knowing how your own energy works is the key to freedom.

Q. How do you read chakras?
A. After studying them off and on for 18 years, they just speak to me. Yes, I speak chakra but not in words always. I’m aware of the energy. If you’ve coached with me on the past year, you know I don’t “think” about it, it just happens.  I think it’s super important to know what is the “problem” so we find a “solution” but think of it more as questions creating answers and contrast manifesting expansion of a new you/life/experience.

Q. How do you balance chakras and clear the blocks.
A. I teach a chakra meditation that you can do for yourself but I supercharge it with affirmations. Seeing where they are not flowing through your awareness is like therapy for the emotional and spiritual bodies (sometimes even the physical ones). I show you how your relationships are actually teaching about where your life force is not flowing unhindered and where you have leaky energy and feel drained. We also work on your auric field so you are not absorbing other people’s energy like a sponge or you are not constantly triggered with Swiss cheese energy.  People see the weak spots or sense the holes in your energy unconsciously.  Think of how you feel around crowds or certain people and if you are sensitive to energy, you know exactly that feeling.

Q. Will just wearing the color of a chakra or a stone that correlates with that chakra heal drama or trauma stuff in a chakra?
A. No. You must be shifting something with thoughts or energy as well. You got to get real with your shadow, love the shit out of it, and then do the Law of Attraction and woo woo magic. Yoga and meditation are gateways as well, but you must bring your spiritual practice and self-growth energy into your every day life.

Q. Can we open our chakras to flow perfectly permanently?
A.  Maybe if you lived in an ashram in meditation for hours or in a hut in the middle of nowhere.  We live in a modern society and we can be affected by the collective consciousness energy like fear, worry, anxiety if we don’t keep our vibe high.  I don’t make a big deal of them not being optimal constantly because I think of them as the same as when you have tension in your shoulders and get a massage.  They hold energy imprints just like our cells and physical bodies.  A chakra balancing is like a tune-up is to your car, as is a massage to your body.  You must do the daily upkeep though.  Do what brings you joy.  Find out what raises your vibration.

Q.  What’s the simple rundown of each one?
A.  You can do research your whole entire life on these and still find new info.  There are chants and yoga poses, jewelry, essential oils, and products to go along with them, but the super simple 411 can be found in my FREE 7 day course Chakratstic which you sign up here:

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10 Mindsets that suck the life out of your relationships, business, self-confidence and happiness

1. Blame game-“They make me so mad!”  DO you keep a scorecard on your partner, kids, colleagues, friends, parents, and even yourself?  You find yourself blaming others for your bad mood?  Their behavior (action) is a fact.  Your mood (feeling) is an opinion. It is a choice to give everyone else the key to your happiness or stop playing the blame game.  This is even with yourself.   Do you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong?  Forgive yourself and refocus on what you want.  What do you want to feel?   Write it on a post it and every day, look at it.  Know what you want and you will get it.  Be easy on yourself in the process.

2. Victim forever-“Why is everything  happening to me?  It’s always been this way.  I can never catch a break.”  Yes, there are bad things that happen to people.   They are victims to what happened in their lives, but they don’t have to stay that way.  They deserve to be victors.  We all do.  We all have the woe-is-me story going at times.  “Why won’t my kids listen to me?  Why doesn’t anyone notice my hard work in my job?”  This is a vibe people give off that is not attractive and people like to get away from you since it’s draining.  Being in a victim mindset will never get you anywhere good.  From your point of power, what are options to think, do, or say?  Your power is available to be harnessed, first from your thinking.  Being fed up is a place to start.  Now I’m going to take action and create the life of my dreams is the next step.

3. Control-Needing to control everything and everyone to feel better.  Like you need to hold the world in your hands.  This sounds like power in business, but it’s a closed off energy. You can’t receive help if you are being a control freak and not allowing someone else to know something or have the missing piece to the puzzle.  It stops the magic.  It creates a lot of anger inside that can become toxic.  This can bring you to anxiety and feelings of powerlessness.  All of that laser focus on wanting to control can be transformed into creative juices if you can learn to relax through releasing attachment, surrendering to the present moment, and meditation or activities of mindfulness.

4. Happiness is down the road-You will never get there.  With this thinking, you won’t.  You don’t have the guarantee of ten years from now, when the house is paid off, you retire, the kids are off to college, or whatever that elusive happiness down the road looks like.  It could be when you lose weight, make more money, or get the guy.  Forget about the guy, your happiness is knocking on your door today.  What can you be grateful for now?  There are things you are missing out on if your happiness lives ten years from now, or even next year…life responds to you.  Circumstances do not determine your level of happiness.  There are a lot of thin, rich, married, successful people that are not happy.  Just watch Reality TV.  You will feel better.  Happy is yours if you keep practicing smiling at yourself in the mirror.  Just try it.

5. Constant comparison-Do you compare yourself to others and feel you fall short?  “Look at their pictures.  Oh, there are so many likes and comments on their picture!  They are doing ‘better” than me.  They are bringing in x amount of sales, clients, revenue. “   SO what?  First of all, is that competition space making you feel bad?  Do you think putting the energy into what you want to create is more productive?  We don’t even know if the person’s numbers or right or how they actually feel. They could secretly be overworked and miserably busy.  Do you.  Let them go.

6. Stuck in the muck-Is your favorite sentence…”I don’t know?”  This is a cop out sometimes.  Afraid to make a mistake or be seen as stupid, bossy, selfish, weird, or whatever, we don’t say what we really want.  Do you have a business or want to start one?  Can you dream big?  Do you feel like you are stuck in the mud and unable to move forward?  Like you’ve been in a funk and you can’t get out.  The past has its claws in you.  Something from the past (loss, failure, rejection, experience, opinion of someone) has paralyzed you.  What’s the solution?  How can you fix your life when the pause button seems stuck?   Do one thing positive today to get things flowing.

7. Lost in limitations-If someone asks you to do something, do you come up with reasons why you can’t do it?  Is it your bank account, your kids, lack of time, your job, your training, or your past that holds you back?  Knowing your limitations and who to hire for things is smart. Don’t try fixing your own toilet from Youtube or anything.  If you build up your strengths instead of looking at those limitations as actual truth, your life gets to be better and more fun.  What you are paying attention to will become greater in your life. It’s the law of attraction principle.  Observe others’ lives and you will see it in action.  Strengths or limitations?  One builds businesses and epic relationships, one kills your life force and makes you go bankrupt.  Write down three strengths you have and repeat them in your mind as affirmations.  What is good about you?  Work on that not just daily, but hourly to get out of your own way.

8. I’m not worthy-Can you take a compliment?  Do you sabotage good things like relationships or your finances?  Did you make a mistake you can’t forgive yourself for?  Do you know your worth?  Do you never feel like you will be good enough?  How much good are you willing to receive?  This is one of the common core beliefs that most people suffer with on a subconscious level and it crops up in all their problems in life.  If your life is a mess, worthiness is at the root.  It can look all neat and clean, like it’s almost perfect…but doesn’t inside feel like a mess?  Worthiness issues create anxiety, depression, and feed addictions.  Working a lot can be to prove our worthiness.  Acquiring lots of beautiful things can be a worthiness issue as well.  Needing to be recognized as something means our worth is wrapped up in something outside of ourselves.  Parents that push their kids to excel and feel judged by others based on their child’s performance are doing this.  Your worth is immeasurable.  You are worthy at your core.  Work on your connection to yourself.

9. Busy disease-“I’m so busy.”  Instead of saying you have a busy life, think of it as a big life.  Busy can be a buzzing energy like a bee, but look like a hamster spinning on his wheel.  If you broke down your life into a pie chart, do you waste time on things that do not yield a result?  Are things that make you happy time wasters to you?  They are yielding happiness.  Schedule in fun if you have to.  Being caught up in the need to be busy is normal.  It makes us feel alive and useful. It comes back to the worthiness issue again.  When you are looking back on this time when you are on your deathbed, what wisdom would you hear?  You should have been busy…or you should have enjoyed life more.  This is not dress rehearsal.  This is the real deal. Today is showtime.  Unbusy your life, your mind, and your way of being.  Peace is inside of you if you turn down the busy.

10. Money is everything-Working like a dog to make more money distracts us from ourselves, but also is backwards thinking in a way.  Having more money means we will have more time, freedom, happiness, security?  It feels different for everyone.  You can make more money, spend it, win it, lose it, but you sure as hell can’t bring it with you. Don’t make it everything.  Relationships, your health, your happiness, your well-being, family, nature, heart-centered experiences, fun adventures, connection to a Higher Power, those are the most important things.  Money is great, but when you don’t have as much as you want, don’t feel bad.  You are still worthy and go out in the sunshine…feel the abundance all around.  Feel your own personal freedom.  Feel how much time you have in that precious moment.  Abundance is many things.  Don’t base life off of a number.  You are more than that.  Go create more joyful moments and money is sure to follow.  Be open to receive it.

I help my clients get out of their own way so they can have the life they know in their heart they are meant to have.  Reinvention are transformation more than possible and dreams do come true.  If you’re ready to shift your mindset and help, I’m your girl.

Jenny G. Perry
-Mojo Expert-Life Catalyst-Intuitive Healer

Mamma Mia

Yesterday, I took a much needed mommy day off. It’s been a long and short summer. Long when the kids were fighting. Short when I counted the seconds of sunshine, no schedules and the beach. I took some time off in general and made myself take a look at how everything was working or not working. More on that later.

Jennylicious takes Manhattan.
Jennylicious takes Manhattan.

After a ride up to Toms River, NJ, we hopped on a bus and headed to the city. I took that time to go through “The Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte. She’s one of the goddesses I follow and adore. I got real with myself on what I felt, feared, and wanted. Still feeling the unraveling today. So back to the picture. I love taking pictures and having fun. You can see I have no problem being a goober.

Looking for my caricature doppelganger.
Looking for my caricature doppelganger.

My older daughter told me I was so embarrassing taking pictures. I told her that’s my job. She looked like a cool city chick from a fashion blog.  Wish I had a full pic, but she posted one on Instagram.  We giggled guessing the celebrity caricatures on the walls of Sardi’s, one of the New York City’s famous restaurants.  I had Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Organic Baby Greens salad, and a Portabella Sandwich, washing it down with two glasses of some good Merlot.

photo 4

On the left is my gorgeous older daughter, McKayla, my beautiful Mommy, myself, and my cutie twin-little sizzler, Lizzy. I look like a short person, but I just play one online. 😉

Yes, you already saw my outfit in my classic tourist Times Square photo but I love me a bathroom selfie. A woman asked me where I got this dress. I got it last year from Victoria’s Secret and wore it for my sister’s rehearsal dinner and for our family beach portraits. Tan faux suede fringe sandals I got online from Wet Seal and the nandbag my mom was getting rid of and I brought instead of my big blue Michael Kors bag. I need one of those cute bags for travel when I don’t a million mom things to tote around.

I'm serious about fun.

I didn’t snap show pics because you aren’t suppose to and I was having too much fun enjoying it. Mamma Mia is closing on Broadway next month and I’ so glad we saw it. I loved the movie and the music is timeless. I’m in awe of live performances. I cried twice. Once over a love scene and at the end, knowing it was closing and having one of those soul bursting moments. I cherish these family girl day trips to NYC that we take at least once a year.  SO much work goes into the shows and all that talent just inspires me. And I’m a sucker for sequins.

Givency Rose Dentelle

We went into Sephora, THE MECCA, as we always do.  They secretly took bets that I would buy lipstick. What can I say…I love lipstick!  This lipstick is the perfect end of summer beginning of fall creamy full bodied and yet light color. II sound like I’m describing wine. This color is also becoming for any complexion. Car selfies on the way home once I finished my book and new intentions, I needed to NOT have to think.

Back to real life today, dishes, laundry, refereeing, and business. I wrote out some new house rules and a new mission for our family. I had a therapist this summer tell me my parenting sucked in different words. He has never been to my home and only met one of my kids, but he did get me thinking. This Mama has to restructure her household on a vibrational level so I can make everyone semi-happy including myself, but especially for the little one below. She deserves to have a peaceful home. Maybe when I raise them all, I’ll write a parenting book. That would be in twenty years if ever. In the meantime, you can read what I’m reading “The Conscious Parent” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. I am seeing my ego in full effect lately without vilifying it, but rather through awareness, floating back to being conscious. You can’t fake when you’re feeling bad that you are all happy. Thank God I have the tools I do as a life coach, but I am still going to feel. Being human is normal regardless of what anyone else’s life “looks” like.

Got her purse and her phone like her mommy

Dylan kept handing me the phone asking to talk to her big sister, Ka, AKA McKayla or Kayla.  She is a firecracker. Wonder what she will teach me next.  She teaches me I need to work on trust and patience already.  She climbs on EVERYTHING and has me saying “Mamma Mia!”  My younger boys are saying “Mylanta” in moments like those.  They got that from Jason on Big Brother 17.  It’s our summer guilty pleasure.  I would be the first one booted off.  I would try to coach everyone, wouldn’t want to lie, and I’d miss my kids and hubby too much.

Anita's Guacamole is so good it should be illegal.
Anita’s Guacamole is so good it should be illegal.

Time to cook up some of these veggies I got from our farm market on Wednesday in our town during the summer. No herbicides or pesticides, I got these with some fresh made cheese and other goodies. More pictures to follow. Enjoy your weekend. If you get the chance to visit New York City, do it. It should be on your bucket list. There are crowds, but the pulse is indescribable. It is what it feels like to be alive. I brought that back to Jersey and I’m going to make life exciting in my world.

Pink lipstick that makes me feel like Barbie

Which do you like best?
Which do you like best?

I’ve been having a great summer so far and have slacked on blogging and some of the business promoting stuff…like marketing and spinning my wheels constantly. It isn’t really slacking. I have five kids. It was more like a mini-vacation. It was a crazy Winter-into-Spring-into-Summer. My whole goal was to raise my vibration. Life is really about the moments on your journey. So let’s have some fun! You know I love make-up. I was raiding my mom’s Estée Lauder make-up kits from back in the 80’s. I’ve had a love affair with lipstick since then…especially various shades of pink. I wanted to share my drugstore haul from today.

People always ask my about my lipsticks, so here’s the deets. All three are Maybelline COLORblur by LIPSTUDIO, cream matte pencil & smudger.

On the left:10 Fast & Fuchsia
In the middle: 05 Pink Insanity
On the right: 15 Berry Misbehaved

Fast & Fuchsia is so fierce. It would look good on anyone as perfect, classic pink. Pink Insanity truly reminds me of Barbie. In real life, it’s bright, light, and almost neon. It’s a wild color that isn’t for everyone. Berry Misbehaved borders on red. I love sexy pinks like this which MAC and NARS are known for, especially how well they do mattes. It stays put. They have a neutral smell and taste. Since they are a pencil, there is no feathering and bleeding at the lip line. I will definitely play with gloss over these too if I’m going out on the town.

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite. More pics to come from the beach. Hope you are enjoying your summer, loves. Now it’s time for a pink Cosmo. 😉

What are you working on?

Tell me. For me, I’m always learning and challenging myself.

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When resistance comes up, you don’t have to stop. I wholeheartedly believe in the motto: “Trust the process.” Tell me, declare it, what are you really willing to admit that is challenging you? Not what’s keeping you down. That would be a victim. A powerful force of nature knows the winds eventually calm and that for a seed to let the bloom burst forth, it’s not subtle. It’s intense. Stillness is a beautiful thing, but not a permanent state of being. Yes, stay centered within. Life will churn up stuff, whether you are like me or not, challenging yourself to be more. Releasing what isn’t you reveals what is. What limiting beliefs have fooled you into thinking you were something or you were not? What limiting beliefs do you have? What beliefs serve you?

What anger can teach


I bless that mother and son. I bless me as a mom with three sons and two daughters. I bless all parents, children, and families. I bless the reactor within the mother, myself, and the reactor in us all. I bless the anger in the mother, myself, and the world.

There was angry woman who was holding her child over her shoulder while running into the bathroom as we were being seated for dinner on vacation. Hey, that could have been me if maybe the wind blew in a slightly different direction that night. She gave him a whack. All my sensors reacted and I bolted into the bathroom. (Baby on my hips, not the smartest choice but the Philly came out in me.) I just needed, on a primal level to make sure the boy was okay. Not really my business, I know, mind my beeswax. But my mind was not in this, my bones were.

When I went into the bathroom, another mother was staring at her and angry mom didn’t notice either of us. I’ve been in that haze of fury before. It felt ugly. He was maybe four years old and out of control. He hit her repeatedly and she smacked his bottom not very hard with his shorts on. Who knows if he was no exhausted, ate a ton of sugar, or underlying issues? I also had noticed cultural differences as another woman the day before who spoke with a foreign accent gave her son a whack right out out on the open (not a bare bum, but over his shorts). She said, “Disgusting!” with pure meanness in her voice. I have boys, so nothing shocks me there but I do get pissed when they say certain things…especially at the wrong time.

That mother in the bathroom had her hands full. I wanted to help. I wanted to help the version of me that is her, where I feel helpless, mad, and out of control. In that situation, I did feel that. I left the bathroom feeling uneasy. I had some judgment from my family that I didn’t need. I have no regret. I will be someone who will pray and come from the highest place, but if my insides push me to try to protect or help, I will. Did what I do solve anything or help in any way? No. But I pray for peace, in her, in me, in the world. I couldn’t have sat at dinner not knowing if he was being beaten.

What I learned about myself on my vacation were many things. I react. I try to control. I want to be close to people and one side cannot decide this. I am not in charge of helping everyone or is it desired by them. I’m not afraid to look within, be seen as wrong, or to not fit in. Time and freedom are major gifts. Fun is underrated. Anger is really easy and really toxic, but can also be a catalyst to figure out what you really want. Life is too short for bullshit and following your dreams and creating your own happiness is the prize. Many are seeking something opposite of this without realizing it. I really can be happy in many settings by my focus on gratitude. My thoughts and focus are superpowers. Awareness is even more heightened after I reset my every day normal by going away on vacation. Clarity is a feeling and not a list written of goals or to-do’s. I will focus more and distract less. Energy is my creative force and I will truly step up and live my truth and fullest potential.