Chakras FAQ:

Q: What the heck are chakras, woo woo girl?
A. Chakras are the seven centers in our bodies in which energy flows through, our prana, our life force. They are associated special areas of our physical and mental/emotional bodies. When they are out of whack, we are whack and cannot manifest what we want. It’s like whack-a-mole where we try to squash problems, dramas with people, or “issues.” Then we try a million different things to create what we want and nothing works. They have been mentioned in the spiritual texts Yoga Upanishads since as far back as 600 B.C. There is a ton you can learn about them, but I like to make it simple and practical to empower you. Knowing how your own energy works is the key to freedom.

Q. How do you read chakras?
A. After studying them off and on for 18 years, they just speak to me. Yes, I speak chakra but not in words always. I’m aware of the energy. If you’ve coached with me on the past year, you know I don’t “think” about it, it just happens.  I think it’s super important to know what is the “problem” so we find a “solution” but think of it more as questions creating answers and contrast manifesting expansion of a new you/life/experience.

Q. How do you balance chakras and clear the blocks.
A. I teach a chakra meditation that you can do for yourself but I supercharge it with affirmations. Seeing where they are not flowing through your awareness is like therapy for the emotional and spiritual bodies (sometimes even the physical ones). I show you how your relationships are actually teaching about where your life force is not flowing unhindered and where you have leaky energy and feel drained. We also work on your auric field so you are not absorbing other people’s energy like a sponge or you are not constantly triggered with Swiss cheese energy.  People see the weak spots or sense the holes in your energy unconsciously.  Think of how you feel around crowds or certain people and if you are sensitive to energy, you know exactly that feeling.

Q. Will just wearing the color of a chakra or a stone that correlates with that chakra heal drama or trauma stuff in a chakra?
A. No. You must be shifting something with thoughts or energy as well. You got to get real with your shadow, love the shit out of it, and then do the Law of Attraction and woo woo magic. Yoga and meditation are gateways as well, but you must bring your spiritual practice and self-growth energy into your every day life.

Q. Can we open our chakras to flow perfectly permanently?
A.  Maybe if you lived in an ashram in meditation for hours or in a hut in the middle of nowhere.  We live in a modern society and we can be affected by the collective consciousness energy like fear, worry, anxiety if we don’t keep our vibe high.  I don’t make a big deal of them not being optimal constantly because I think of them as the same as when you have tension in your shoulders and get a massage.  They hold energy imprints just like our cells and physical bodies.  A chakra balancing is like a tune-up is to your car, as is a massage to your body.  You must do the daily upkeep though.  Do what brings you joy.  Find out what raises your vibration.

Q.  What’s the simple rundown of each one?
A.  You can do research your whole entire life on these and still find new info.  There are chants and yoga poses, jewelry, essential oils, and products to go along with them, but the super simple 411 can be found in my FREE 7 day course Chakratstic which you sign up here:

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