Let's start your transformation right NOW.

The journey begins with choosing to invest in yourself.

I dare you to love yourself enough to jump in with both feet.


My goal is to get to the answers, connections, a-ha's for yourself. It’s not just talk, it's a super charged, intuitive session where I use energy healing. You will also have tools and skills and a brand new you. I'm the mirror. You will love what you see.

My program is three months with a thirty day follow up by email. These include weekly sessions and email support throughout the whole time. I do sessions in person if they are local, but most of my clients are across the US and all the way to New Zealand.

My sessions are forty minutes of mindset shifting exercises. I give assignments to continue on a daily basis to create epic transformation. I share my intuitive hits and we untangle the energy of the past that has created unconscious blocks now which cause relationship problems, money woes, weight issues. Anxiety/Depression and all forms of unhappiness.

My goal is to get my clients to reconnect to themselves. Whether they want to grow their business, lose weight, improve their relationship, learn to love themselves, I coach on everything! It all boils down to the same beliefs.

The last twenty minutes are three parts.

  • General energy clearing (I teach how you can do if for yourself).
  • Guided Journey work which includes over a dozen meditations I lead clients through which they can do in the future).
  • Chakra Balancing and evaluation (I clear your seven energy centers and give feedback afterwards with key words to activate them)

If there is a health issue, trauma, or major issue I will provide a full healing. (I don't charge extra for the long distance healing when I feel called to do it like that).

I'd be happy to set up a free consultation to chat with you to see if we would be a good fit. I'm always told I'm like a shot in the arm of B-12 and others already feel better after talking with me whether they go on to coach with me or not. I can handle any issues and do not limit what I work on. It's more fun that way

If you are interested in a private coaching package, you can schedule a consultation call by contacting Jenny here.

*Private 1:1 Coaching 3 month program $12,000, 6 month program $20,000 and limited to 2 VIP Clients for 1 year $35,000.

Mindset Makeover-Turning your Bullshit in Braveshifts.  It's Warrior Goddess Training from me for both women and men.

Are you screaming in your head, "I NEED TO CHANGE!  I NEED TO CHANGE MY LIFE."

You are stuck. I get it. I'm here to help. But only if you are willing to kill your victim archetype. I invite you to this powerful invitation to create change.

In this 45 Minute Mindset Mastery session, we will slay 5-10 Mindset blocks and create brand new belief pathways (sounds woo woo-oh well, the shit works)

1. Earning your Divine Crown: Seeking the past for answers for the future so release you from those ties that keep you stuck.
2. Getting your Truth Sword: This is where you're slay your mindset blocks and create brand new thinking. This creates change...mindset is everything.
3. Embracing your Energy Armor or taking it off and just using your Shield: Where action implementation comes in and you become responsible for your own energy.



Here's some examples of my meditations I have guided others through in my Journey process during my sessions.  I intuitively tailor fit them per person.

  1. Releasing subconscious beliefs/blocks
  2. Peace haven of freedom
  3. Connection to your soul and Universe
  4. Activation of your gifts
  5. Raising to a higher vibration and new perspective
  6. Letting go and starting fresh in relationships
  7. Connecting to the stream of well-being
  8. Inner cleansing and wisdom
  9. Confidence booster
  10. Creating a new future
  11. Loving your body to the cellular level
  12. Opening to more abundance

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