That Damn Starbucks cup. again


Happy Night Before the Night the Night Before Christmas!

I want to wish you all an amazing Holiday season. Bring on the Light! It’s the season of Light, with the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas. We see days shorter and the dark night longer, which make us took with and examine ourselves. With the year coming to a close, we look back on 2015 and take inventory of our goals, wins, losses, and our journey to now.

Let’s use the combined energy of the Full Moon on Christmas which is the first one since the year I was born, 1977. Pretty powerful energy here to the old ‘issues” of 2015 to wipe the slate clean and create anew in 2016. Think of three words you want to embody in 2016.

Now for the cup drama…


My Facebook and Instagram post was:
Who wants to send me one? (diamond emoji) ‪#‎starbucks‬ ‪#‎bling‬ ‪#‎swarovski‬ ‪#‎crystals‬
Innocent enough, right?

This led to a comment thread that I won’t stir up drama but here’s the gem of a lesson here. The lady’s stinger-push button-judgy comment that is key…”allow me to offended by you asking someone to get you a $75US coffee mug when so many would need that money at this time of the year for basics…” and then goes on to say “who needs a 75$ mug?”

I do, LOL! See the funny part is, the very next day I saw they have $200 gift cards all blinged out by Swarovski crystals as well. What a great high end gift.

If you thought…THAT’S SO EXPENSIVE, that’s a mindset.

Mindset MONEY SHOT alert…if you judge others for how they spend THEIR money, you are not allowing yourself to receive money. You are blocking abundance in your life. f it wasn’t paying in “money” it would be goats back in the day. It’s just an exchange. Whether someone invests in my coaching, business, a new toupee (picture Donald Trump), or a freakin’ $75 super cute sparkly cup…I DO NOT CARE! It’s their money, their life, and their choice. Yay for awareness.

As for said commenter, I set a personal boundary stating I only have love for her and I unfriended her. If it feels negative to me, I get to choose whether to receive it as truth for me. She is not wrong and I am right, it doesn’t matter. When “spiritual” people judge me or others in a certain way, it feels icky, off, and not truth as I perceive it.

Open your mind to all the possibilities for money coming to you and how to spend it. let go of the judgment and go to gratitude. be happy when you see people spend money. It’s a reminder. We are ALL infinite potential. Embody that. Let yourself be Light.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Sugar plum kisses,
Jenny G. Perry

P.S. Please tell Santa I was good…c’mon help a gal out.  😉

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