The F word…and Captain Obvious post of the day.


Captain Obvious post of the day…I’m a little bitchy without wine…

Well also, no sugar, dairy, or gluten. Lots of great awareness of my anger today. Not wanting to take responsibility for how I feel. Kids are home from school and did not want to run errands. My husband bribed them. I was salty. Story in my mind…”I can’t have what I want.” HUGE! BIGGIE! This is a limiting belief many have. Life coaches are still people and are working on their own stuff. I dropped the story and took my sweet ass out in the freezing cold and boom…shit was shifted.

No lie, I dreamed about bread, cheese, and money and the night before I dreamt about the liquor store. NO LIE! Cheers to 2/12. (I did a 30 Day challenge for myself on 1/11)

********If we were to have a snowstorm, I decree the no wine to be null and void. I ain’t that crazy! 😉

Now for the F word…

What do you need help with?
What are you afraid to look at within yourself?
Why do you feel stuck?
Are you willing to ask for help and be vulnerable to put your shit out there? Are you ready to shift it?

The difference in “shit” and “shift” is one letter. F
Do you secretly say to yourself…Fuck yeah I’m ready to change! I’m fucking sick of this! What the fuck is wrong with me!?!? Let us look at some other F words to add.

What if we looked at adding fun?
What about focus?
What about your fierce?
Are you in the flow?
Do you know how fabulous you are?

Do you know you have it within yourself? Yes, you do! Whether it is weight, business, prosperity, relationships…whatever shit you are sick of…I can help. Let’s shift this together. You don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s do fun, focus, fierce, flow, and fabulous you, Foxy! You got this!

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