Why I’m Like a Kindergartner


Last week, I went on a class trip to the zoo with my yougest son’s kindergarten class. The teacher, Mrs. Riley, gave me a group of four kids, my son Seamus, another boy Andrew, and two girls, Holly, and Sarah. You can see them in the picture here with my hubby and youngest daughter, Dylan. (Thank God I had a helper!) The little girls rushed over to me and gushed, “I love your sunglasses. I love your lipstick. I love your love and your heart too. (one of my tats) I love your ring.” They were lovin’ me! They wanted to hold my hand. They are just fully themselves, uncensored and not holding back at all. I so love that! I always compliment people just like they did and I genuinely mean it. I think every woman is beautiful and I always tell them that.

I can TOTALLY come across like a Kindergartener!  I don’t hold back on love for sure. I can make friends in an instance. Like real friends, no BS, no chit chat…but like meaty…although I don’t eat meat. Let’s go with juice. I love juicy friendships that nourish my soul and/or they crack me the hell up. Heart and humor are essential. Having a heart-to-heart’s is one of my favorite things in the world. It makes me feel more connected to them, myself, and the Divine. I love sharing my truths right off the bat and don’t want to wait ten years to get to know someone for real. Life’s too short for that. I don’t need more acquaintances.  I do soul sisters.  I think it’s obvious I’m super affectionate and that hugs are a requirement.

I also react with the same enthusiasm as a Kindergartner…to the animals at the zoo and life in general. Just ask my mom, sister, and daughter. Every time we go to New York City to see a Broadway show, it’s like a spiritual experience for me. I get so giddy. Of course I get like that in Disney too because, well it’s HappyWorld!  I see all the details and get distracted by cool things but I am very present when I am focused on someone. If I’m with a client, I am fully present. I sit on comfy chair in my bedroom and my three littles take turns snuggling with me and telling me about whatever they want. The other night I became the Life coach to Seamus, his teddy bear, Buzz LightYear, and Rapper the pig (which is actually a cow stuffed animal).  He asked me if there was anything he could help me with. He was so genuine and I felt his whole heart in those words. His eyes were so wise and I saw him growing up. Last night, he asked me to sing him a song. I do not sing well…AT ALL. So I sang “You are my Sunshine.” He said, “You can do it. You’re did a good job,” and other sweet things as he was mentoring me in that moment. i love magical moments like that. I have a lot of them, just like Kindergartner.

Yesterday, I got into an argument with one of my kids and then my hubby pointed out where I was wrong and I acted like a brat when I felt judged. But like a kindergartner, I got over it in a minute. Literally, I went to the bathroom and was over it completely withing three minutes max. I spoke with my hubby and the kid I argued with. I said I was sorry and we said what would be good for us both to work on. I say sorry easily and do not need to be right all the time. I wear my heart on my sleeve and you always know how I feel. I am totally a kindergartener!  Shout to my Kindergarten teach who I loved, Miss Bono, who is actually a Facebook friend of mine.

PicMonkey CollageK

Top left:  First day of Kindergarten.  Top right:  Already posing…airplane or cheerleader arms?  Bottom left:  Me smiling of course Bottom right:  Rockin’ a red shirt and pigtails.

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