::NEW MOON:: March 8th

Simple as a pimple astro info:

Today is the New Moon. It’s also an Eclipse. Epic energy today. New beginnings are magnified with the Eclipse energy. Write down your intentions. Feel into what you really, really want. You get to create. Practice the feeling of what you desire. Set it free and let it go into the wind and beyond the ether. The Universe supports intention and attention. Focus on purpose.

What do you want? Don’t be afraid to declare it!

I would like to support your intention with this New Moon. It may be a word/theme of one or more, a state or feeling, a tangible goal, or am “I AM” power statement.

Manifestations, Clarity, Abundance, Mojo
I usher in a deeper connection to Spirit and more inner peace.
I call in five more Immersion Gold clients and I will change their lives for the epic better.
I AM a confident, successful, passionate, and prosperous goddess.
I intend to fire up my purpose to the next level.

What is yours? (Remember you are worthy and it is possible.)
Comment below. xoxo

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