Pink lipstick that makes me feel like Barbie

Which do you like best?
Which do you like best?

I’ve been having a great summer so far and have slacked on blogging and some of the business promoting stuff…like marketing and spinning my wheels constantly. It isn’t really slacking. I have five kids. It was more like a mini-vacation. It was a crazy Winter-into-Spring-into-Summer. My whole goal was to raise my vibration. Life is really about the moments on your journey. So let’s have some fun! You know I love make-up. I was raiding my mom’s Estée Lauder make-up kits from back in the 80’s. I’ve had a love affair with lipstick since then…especially various shades of pink. I wanted to share my drugstore haul from today.

People always ask my about my lipsticks, so here’s the deets. All three are Maybelline COLORblur by LIPSTUDIO, cream matte pencil & smudger.

On the left:10 Fast & Fuchsia
In the middle: 05 Pink Insanity
On the right: 15 Berry Misbehaved

Fast & Fuchsia is so fierce. It would look good on anyone as perfect, classic pink. Pink Insanity truly reminds me of Barbie. In real life, it’s bright, light, and almost neon. It’s a wild color that isn’t for everyone. Berry Misbehaved borders on red. I love sexy pinks like this which MAC and NARS are known for, especially how well they do mattes. It stays put. They have a neutral smell and taste. Since they are a pencil, there is no feathering and bleeding at the lip line. I will definitely play with gloss over these too if I’m going out on the town.

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite. More pics to come from the beach. Hope you are enjoying your summer, loves. Now it’s time for a pink Cosmo. 😉

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