What New Mommies Need


I have been wanting to help new mommies because I have become a new mom five times. I am always a new mom each time. But the first time, I was twenty. I cared what other people thought and read the books to do it all perfectly. I didn’t understand how to be a woman and a mom. My body was huge. I felt like I was an alien on a foreign planet. I was 200 pounds when I delivered my daughter. I gained 65 pounds. I didn’t feel sexy, cool, or like myself. I was so happy and proud to be a mom. But I had to figure out who I was. I’m not gonna lie, it took me almost fifteen years later. Our thirties are epic in my experience. So with my last child, giving birth at 36, I was still me before and after. I only gained fifteen pounds because I exercised and ate really healthy. I knew my sexy was my sensual being, not my body. I want to pass on some tips to help you feel like you can get your groove back. You never lose your mojo, you just forget you have it, like that black blazer in the back of your closet.

Do what makes you feel cool! Cause you are. Rock that blazer, black liner, and shades. Insta-cool.
Dontcha love the hair loss and lil’ baby bangs goin’ on. I contemplated bangs like I did when this happened after the last pregnancy.



Before I share my Feel Good & Look Fabulous tips. Get a playpen like the one above which is Evenflow Portable Baby Suite 300 Play Yard-Marianna. Use a bouncy seat, swing, or the infant carrier and get your booty moving. Fitness is a feel good must-have. I would love to support you as your Beach Body coach if you order DVD’s or Shakeology (this is what I so so I share what works for me.)


Do whatever your body is asking for in the form of movement. It’s easy to get very coach potato and sweats with a new baby, especially if you’re breastfeeding like I do. But I promise you if you workout, even just walking, you will have more energy. Nutrition is so overlooked in the way of medicine for our brains. Comfort food is fried, creamy, heavy foods, but really the foods like cashews that help with anxiety and depression are what our body really craves. Drink tons of water too. So now to the fun part. Fashion is one of my passions as well. Now following trends may not be your thing anymore or never was, but tweaking your look and routine can actually make you feel better.

5 Feel Good & Look Fabulous:

1. Hair is hot. No matter how you feel about your body, you can look beautiful at ANY size. Go get your hair done. Color it. Style it. Do a cute messy bun. Add a barrette or headband. This frames your face. I caution you not to cut your hair frantically shorter within the first six months of having a baby. Your hormones are on overload and drastic change can actually feel bad and then we regret it. That’s my personal experience, but just go with your own guidance always.

2. Connect with women who honor you and your mother’s intuition no matter how long you’ve been a new mom. Make a coffee date with goddesses like that without your baby and get dolled up. Self-care will make you a better mommy.

3. Black is always cool. Black leggings are a go to if you are done with wearing maternity jeans, even though there is nothing wrong with them. Heading into Autumn in the US, black leather jackets, leggings and a loose long sleeve tee/tunic/sweater is the perfect uniform for a new mommy. If you’re breastfeeding and you love dresses but don’t know how to work that out, wrap dresses. Old Navy has them in great colors for a great price that you can dress up or dress down. Whether you are bold enough to wear your favorite color or not, add it into your life. Handbag, jewelry, or an accessory to add to an all black outfit, it will make you feel good. You can even be daring and buy a peacoat in that color. Woohoo! Be bold!

4. Accessories are your greatest tool. Sunglasses give such a fashion forward vibe and you can find them at any price point. Jewelry with a black tunic and leggings turns comfort into chic. Add boots. Any color or style works and reflects your personality. I love justfab.com or shoedazzle.com, they are awesome! Top if off with a scarf, which can actually be a great privacy tool for breastfeeding in public. Win-win! And make-up is a no brainer for me. It takes me five minutes to do foundation, blush, eyeshadow, line the tip lid, mascara, and lipstick. I think I may do a video on this. Red lipstick is a life changer, just sayin’! I’ll also share my friends’ jewelry websites. You don’t need to buy a tradition diaper bag when there are so many cool oversized handbags out there. Go on a hunt to Marshall’s or the Internet. Find a pattern or color that raises your mood just looking at it. Check the dimensions if looking online to assure it’s big enough.

5. Set an intention for the new you. Any change, after a baby, divorce, new job, birthday, move, or whatever means you are a new “you.” What will that look like? What will your life be like? What needs to change? What needs improvement. Get clear and don’t be sad. Self-reflection is essential for happiness. The world is your oyster. Being a mom doesn’t stop you from any dreams. I wrote a 500 page novel with five kids. You can do anything. But relax and enjoy your baby. Savor every day. Moments are what life is all about.


Dylaney Maeve Magic 8.


Time is such a weird thing. When you’re in high school, one math class that was forty minutes long felt as long as a day feels now, a school days as long as a week in 2014, a high school year equals five “grown-up” years. Time flies and your kids grow up. If only there was a pause button. And fast forward, like when you’re exercising, cleaning, or kid is throwing a tantrum. I’d never want to rewind though. I don’t know why. It would feel to weird to me. I have a nostalgic feeling in my heart lately as my oldest, McKayla, is starting her Senior year next week.



Thank God Dylaney Maeve came along. She’s magic. She lights up a room. Her eyes cast you under her spell. And those full, little lips. What a doll. She looks like each of the other four kids at different times. She adores them and they dote on her. It feels like our family was never complete until she was born. It’s hard to remember life before her. It feels like she’s always been here.

I think back to that night eight months ago, the day after Christmas and everyone had gone home from the hospital. My parents, sister, kids and hubby filled the room to see the little princess, the new addition to our family. After 8pm, I was moved to another room that was freezing, faced a brick wall (no lie), and a woman was in labor in the room next to me. It sounded like a more like a bunch of my friends having a party while watching an Eagles game. They were so loud! Not just the mother, it was like a team. Eventually I heard the baby was born and had a healthy cry. Then, they somehow watched the video of the birth and I heard it over again. It was bizarre. They were celebrating and my nurse told them to chill as it was midnight. The heat wouldn’t work in the room and they thought they’d have to move me to another room or get a guy from the broiler room to fix it. Luckily a nurse figured out the right button and I had heat. Finally, as I was still in a light hospital gown and wanted to rest.

I was grateful for sleep but wanted to see my baby and breastfeed her, nourishing her on all levels. I was full of that blessed feeling as gratitude doesn’t even describe the emotion adequately. I became a mother of five. I was so pleased with her birth. It was my best so far.

That powerful feeling was still pulsing through me. As the had epidural wore off during the birth, I felt it all. I didn’t resist the pain. I transcended it in a way. I went inside myself and remember to put all my trust in God, play my affirmations in my head, and connect to the Universe. I felt myself pulling her down, my body allowing her to make her passage to her grand entrance. It was surreal. I knew at the very second she was ready to come out. With all of my might, she finally blessed the world with her presence as she took her first breath. My then sixteen year old, McKayla, helped pull her out. Talk about feeling connected to all the mothers who have ever lived, all the daughters, the sacred cycle. That infinity symbol, a sideways 8, which happens to be my life path number. It’s her life path number too actually. Her arrival was during a rough Jersey winter and we bonded in our cozy home.

I wonder what her personality will be. She does the army crawl if she wants to reach something. She rolls all around the room. If we prop her up she sits for a few and then plops over and keeps on rollin’. She wakes up smiling. She likes to babble and says “Mom” and “Dad.” She loves to be on my hip or standing up while I’m holding her hands. She loves the ocean and squeals as the waves approach her. She smiles at strangers and they just melt. We make friends wherever I go as she beams her sunshine wherever we are. She has the most magical eyes that seem to express a lifetime of wisdom. My Sweetpea. I am so lucky to be her mommy. I love you, Dylan.