I Would Have Been Burned At The Stake

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As I was driving to my middle son’s field trip yesterday, I had this song on repeat.  I was looking at the trees with so much love.  Truly, I can tap into to this pulse of the Universe.  This wild and ancient knowing of our true power and that of the Universe.  I’m so connected to nature.  It is a deep feeling I can’t explain really.  But as I was feeling so alive and in love with life, letting the music caress my soul, grateful I’m an entrepreneur and have the freedom to plan my life, day, and vibe.  I choose joy.  Is everything perfect in my life?  No.  But it’s pretty damn wonderful.

No makeup, just pure sunscreen and bug spray, full of happiness with my middle boy.  His trip was to Cold Spring Village in Cape May, NJ.  I have been there two other times, each on a field trip with my older two kids.  I forget everything each time, so it was new to me.  First stop was a home built in 1820.  I looked on the website and I think it’s the  Spicer-Leaming house.  We learned so much.  Like blow your mind learning.  Boys were married at 16, girls were married at 13.  Their parents choose who you would marry.  Men died at 45, women died at 35.  They often died at childbirth and disease was killing everyone off due to the uncleanliness and spread of germs. I think she said if you had 8 kids, 5 of them would die.  They didn’t name their babies until they were 9-12 months old.  Breaks my heart thinking of how much sadness that they had to deal with.  You had no freedom.  Women couldn’t even drink at the tavern.  LOL!  That was a dealbreaker for me.  I would have truly been burned at the stake.  I’m too rebellious by nature and ain’t no man gonna boss me around.  The moms and teachers were all saying how we would not have fit in then.  These women are independent and speak their minds.  My kind of gals.  Oh…and when you died, your family put your dead body on the kitchen table and put flowers around you so you didn’t stink as much.  The rotting body on the table caused many of the health problems obviously.

This guy was acting like he was a teacher back in the 1800’s. I stood outside to enjoy the sunshine with my friend, Jill. We could hear his sternness and then the kids laughed. He punished them by making one kid wear a dunce cap and another one by standing on a brick. It was to shame them. I can see how shame was so ingrained in that culture and the next two generations. Everyone was not allowed to feel. It was pretend, keep in line, be reserved. Wild was not allowed. Again, I would have been burned at the stake. I would have let my wild slip out at some point. I imagine there was no room for desire, so they had a lot of anger inside at not being allowed to be in love and make love to who they wanted. How many gay people died a regretful life having never truly loved back then?  I think about feelings, versus isn’t the carpenter exhibit cool. Although he did inspire Finn to want to be a carpenter now…for this week at least.

I got the feels for a second in the printing press seeing old newspapers and as a writer, thinking of how much freedom is created through writing. Not that I think they could write what whatever they wanted of course.  The first sign, how true is the top line!  The second part is hilarious.  The coffee sign cracked me up too.  Female writers always seemed so saucy and daring back in the day and of course…still.



The kids had a great day and so did I.  Hanging out with my girl, Jill, who was in our group needs to be done more often.  Duh…we talked about Prince.  I’m going to call her Princess from now on.  She’s the bees’ knees.  I got to give hugs and kisses to my friend. Christine’s daughter, Waverly.  I adore her and Christine.  I got to also hug my friend, Jaime, who I have not seen in ages.  Also, my friend Tobi who I feel like no time has passed since the field trip last year.  I was honored to get smiles and a few words from my friends Stacey, Jenny, Steffanie and a few other chicas.  Finn’s teacher, Mrs. Naplacic, is so real and funny.  That seems to be a theme around me.  I know so many fierce and fabulous women.  It’s so cool.

I had a newfound gratitude and fresh perspective on my life and how much freedom I have.  The day ended so beautifully with me putting on my bikini and heading to the beach with my hubby, kids, and meeting my fabulous photographer friend, Violet. She did my most recent photoshoot and she is not only a joy to work with, but super talented.  Just look at my website.

I took a picture of myself, her, the beach, and then my phone died and was off the grid for a few hours.  It was so freeing.  But I wish I could have shown you all the glorious blues that lit up my children’s eyes as the sun set.  It was a goosebump happy I’ll never forget.  Finn came down after his playdate on the playground.  I actually felt like a millionaire already.  I felt the riches.  I am so rich.  Whoa on the blessings for sure.  i could not have asked for more in that moment.

Serenity me

My haven


My beautiful blue bracelet I bought for $3.15 cents on teh field trip. I thought I just wanted to get the blue for throat chakra work as I expand my audience. But it reminds of me blue skies. To keep my head in the clouds and focused on my dreams.


My friend and photographer, Violet Karyn. Click blow the picture for her website.

I tried to capture her beauty and how her mirrored glasses were reflecting the blues of the sky and ocean.  She looked so dreamy!  But she clearly is the photographer.  We talked God, problems, fears, had some laughs, and prayed together.  That’s how I roll.   The link to her website is below.

Violet Karyn Photography

Here’s the badass tee I’m wearing.

My shirts which would definitely gotten me burned.

Never be afraid of your wild.  It’s part of your power.  As women, it is what connects us to that force when we give birth.  You’re magic.  Be unapologetic true to you.  Have a blessed day, sweet cheeks!

P.S.  Ended the day with Skinnygirl Spicy Margaritas while watching Real Housewives and There Goes The Motherhood…cause you know…balance.  😉  A few of the moms from #TGTM were tweeting back to me so it was really fun.  They are some great moms.  Life is good.  Always look for the good.

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Happy Mail

In case you didn’t know. 🙂

I love happy mail.
My business address is:
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Ocean City, NJ 08226

I wanted to share some of my day with you. I got this happy mail from How to Be A Redhead.  Isn’t it awesome! This color loves me.  Blue is one of my colors, not just because of my hair, but my eyes are blue and it makes them pop.  I think anyone can wear blue though.

No words describe this properly.
No words describe this properly.

This is beyond good.  I already described my delight with all three flavors on Instagram.  Now I need to get my hands on more.  Like for real.  You can check out Heidi Ho for yourself. This isn’t like a kinda good cheese fake-out, it’s unbelievable!  This was perfect to have after going to Target with all five kids.  They have some great vegetarian frozen food there. Like A LOT!  I was pleasantly surprised.  I could spend $1,000,000 in Target.  No lie.  We bought one thing for my older daughter’s dorm room.  Yes, way to early…but she’s an epic planner and I’ve been a big girl and talking about the “c” word lately.  I’m gonna miss her a ton.


I remember being afraid of Selfies.  Oh, what will THEY think?  I cared more about fitting in than being myself.  Then I realized that people would come and go in my life, except for my family and a hand full of true friends.  I know who I am and find more pieces to discover every day.  I would rather be considered a push over than a bitch in the past and now it’s reversed.  I am not what many would consider a bitch, but being boss, in charge of your life and totally authentic with no apologies for setting boundaries can earn you that title in some people’s eyes.  Their opinion is theirs.  Declare what you want and those that love you…will still love you.  Here was my recent declaration on Facebook:

This year I will not add any energy to any relationships that do not nurture me. Exception to the rule is my relationship with my children which do not always feel good. They challenge me to grow and I always find more love past my judgment and theirs. Parenting is a spiritual boot camp at times. Five completely different strong-willed beings with their own intention and I’m raising them in a world conditioned to be normal.

My friendship circle is tightening up and my time for acquaintances with chit-chat will be limited. If you can accept all of me, I will love you fully, if not I’ll love you on a soul level and choose other beings to play with. If you ask me my opinion this year, prepare yourself for full me. I’m intense and I don’t play small anymore. You don’t have to believe in your dreams anymore, but I’ll be creating more until the day I die. Crystal clear on my wants. If you don’t like how I roll, keep on moving along, I bless you. If you don’t agree with me, you are not wrong, you are you and I’m me. I’ll remain open to newness but no focus on bullshit.

I will not counsel through messaging, if you would like exclusive intuitive coaching, email me for my limited availability. I’ll see if we are a fit. This snobbery of my vibration serves me, my family, and the world. I am keeping my vibe high and pure, blasting Light and sparks of Divine blooming even more.

My book will have lots of inspiration for $8.88 and Kindle will include pictures and a slightly lower price. I’ll have gems on my website for free and I’ll always have free wisdom, but it’s time to take my vision to the next level. I’ll be cheering you on in my heart forevermore.

P. S. Never assume anything with me. This isn’t about anything but fire words coming through and picking up on this in the world. No incident or person came to mind, I just knew it needed to be declared for myself.

P. P. S. Fun blog coming to my website today. I want to help you get your energy high going into EPIC 2015!

When you love yourself, you set yourself free.   What’s your declaration?  And tag me in your next Selfie so I can cheer you on!   Namaste, Blessings, & all the yummy delicious to you!

P.S. I talk about  Selfies in my book. Countdown is six days from launch!