Inner Goddess Self-study program


Do you want to feel…


Can you imagine what it would feel like if…

You could forgive yourself and others so you can heal whatever has kept you stuck or holding you back from what you want?

You could see your triggers and how your buttons get pushed…and not let that happen anymore?

You could put your baggage in a suitcase and leave it outside of your mind for good?

You could manifest what you desire in all areas of life?

You could harness your Goddess to live on purpose, with intention, consciously making things flow easily in life?

You could use the Law of Attraction to shift from what you don’t want to what you do want?

You could totally change the voice of your self-talk and change your happiness through your vibration?


This morning I woke up to have the most powerful coaching call I have had in a while with Jenny G. Perry.


Before our call I was feeling good about my life and business but I was worried about how I was showing up online. Our call started with the usual check-In and progressed to a place I did not see coming.

I got a download during our call that I was not sure about. Honestly, I thought it might have been for Jenny, but when she began her inquiry, my heart bulbs went off. I knew exactly what it meant and that was the beginning of my A-has.

At first, I was scared because I had not shared my experience with many people and I had been carrying around a belief that I didn’t even consciously remember I had. Jenny reassured me that I was safe with her and she cleared my chakras and opened up my ability to receive from spirit.

What I received and Jenny’s compassionate coaching really allowed me to release a ton Of shame and guilt that I was carrying around since I was 8 years old. The tears could not stop flowing. And with it the gratitude. It was not at all what I was expecting but it blew my mind. It was what I desperately needed! I cannot recommend Jenny enough.

If you have mindset blocks, or limiting beliefs or just emotional crap stopping you from showing up the way you want to, please go talk to Jenny. She will help you get unblocked so go to Jenny.

Who’s Jenny anyways?

Jenny G. Perry is the #1 Best-selling author of Sexpot With Stretch Marks (self-empowerment book) and also a sexy beach novel “The Jennifers.”  She is also a Life Coach who creates transformation as she weaves her intuitive mind-body-spirit style into her no-nonsense practical approach.

She’s given author talks for her novel “The Jennifers” where she not only talks about life, her journey of self-loathing to loving but also reinventing yourself and following your dreams.

She has been featured as a blogger on,, Thrive for, and

She was also in the May 2014 issue of Oprah magazine.

She is featured on the cover of

One of her blogs was also featured on and

This silly-sassy-spiritual-sexpot, she aims to uplift, empower and inspire daily. She’s a feisty married mother of five who is madly in love with her husband of twenty years.  She loves to blog on social media about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. She has a passion for life, sensuality, fashion, and a bold voice which preaches self-love daily.

You can find her blog at For all her shenanigans, follow her on social media as Jenny G. Perry.



Week 1 Truth-Identity: You will get clarity about where you are at in all areas of your life.

Week 2 Forgiveness-Freedom:  We take the raw energy from Week 1 and heal old wounds and unblock pathways that were formed in our subconscious.

Week 3 Clarity-direction:  You will get clear on how you want to think, feel, and be.

Week 4 Fire-expression: You activate your mojo through focusing on positive aspects, as the Universe feels you reset your programming of self towards your Goddess-SELF.

Week 5 Vibration: Openness:  It will be like you are on a vacation this week here.  Pleasure with be your guide.

Week 6 Purpose-focus: This is where you will be taking action steps to create what you want.

Week 7 Intuition-Living the Goddess-SELF full-time New principles of the Goddess-SELF: This is you will write your Goddess-SELF Declaration of Independence™.

Week 8 Goddess Rising: Manifestation: You will check for conflicts in desire and belief and use gratitude to amp up your manifesting powers.


This self-guided Goddess exploration will change your motherfucking life. ~ Jenny G. Perry