Mamma Mia

Yesterday, I took a much needed mommy day off. It’s been a long and short summer. Long when the kids were fighting. Short when I counted the seconds of sunshine, no schedules and the beach. I took some time off in general and made myself take a look at how everything was working or not working. More on that later.

Jennylicious takes Manhattan.
Jennylicious takes Manhattan.

After a ride up to Toms River, NJ, we hopped on a bus and headed to the city. I took that time to go through “The Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte. She’s one of the goddesses I follow and adore. I got real with myself on what I felt, feared, and wanted. Still feeling the unraveling today. So back to the picture. I love taking pictures and having fun. You can see I have no problem being a goober.

Looking for my caricature doppelganger.
Looking for my caricature doppelganger.

My older daughter told me I was so embarrassing taking pictures. I told her that’s my job. She looked like a cool city chick from a fashion blog.  Wish I had a full pic, but she posted one on Instagram.  We giggled guessing the celebrity caricatures on the walls of Sardi’s, one of the New York City’s famous restaurants.  I had Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Organic Baby Greens salad, and a Portabella Sandwich, washing it down with two glasses of some good Merlot.

photo 4

On the left is my gorgeous older daughter, McKayla, my beautiful Mommy, myself, and my cutie twin-little sizzler, Lizzy. I look like a short person, but I just play one online. 😉

Yes, you already saw my outfit in my classic tourist Times Square photo but I love me a bathroom selfie. A woman asked me where I got this dress. I got it last year from Victoria’s Secret and wore it for my sister’s rehearsal dinner and for our family beach portraits. Tan faux suede fringe sandals I got online from Wet Seal and the nandbag my mom was getting rid of and I brought instead of my big blue Michael Kors bag. I need one of those cute bags for travel when I don’t a million mom things to tote around.

I'm serious about fun.

I didn’t snap show pics because you aren’t suppose to and I was having too much fun enjoying it. Mamma Mia is closing on Broadway next month and I’ so glad we saw it. I loved the movie and the music is timeless. I’m in awe of live performances. I cried twice. Once over a love scene and at the end, knowing it was closing and having one of those soul bursting moments. I cherish these family girl day trips to NYC that we take at least once a year.  SO much work goes into the shows and all that talent just inspires me. And I’m a sucker for sequins.

Givency Rose Dentelle

We went into Sephora, THE MECCA, as we always do.  They secretly took bets that I would buy lipstick. What can I say…I love lipstick!  This lipstick is the perfect end of summer beginning of fall creamy full bodied and yet light color. II sound like I’m describing wine. This color is also becoming for any complexion. Car selfies on the way home once I finished my book and new intentions, I needed to NOT have to think.

Back to real life today, dishes, laundry, refereeing, and business. I wrote out some new house rules and a new mission for our family. I had a therapist this summer tell me my parenting sucked in different words. He has never been to my home and only met one of my kids, but he did get me thinking. This Mama has to restructure her household on a vibrational level so I can make everyone semi-happy including myself, but especially for the little one below. She deserves to have a peaceful home. Maybe when I raise them all, I’ll write a parenting book. That would be in twenty years if ever. In the meantime, you can read what I’m reading “The Conscious Parent” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. I am seeing my ego in full effect lately without vilifying it, but rather through awareness, floating back to being conscious. You can’t fake when you’re feeling bad that you are all happy. Thank God I have the tools I do as a life coach, but I am still going to feel. Being human is normal regardless of what anyone else’s life “looks” like.

Got her purse and her phone like her mommy

Dylan kept handing me the phone asking to talk to her big sister, Ka, AKA McKayla or Kayla.  She is a firecracker. Wonder what she will teach me next.  She teaches me I need to work on trust and patience already.  She climbs on EVERYTHING and has me saying “Mamma Mia!”  My younger boys are saying “Mylanta” in moments like those.  They got that from Jason on Big Brother 17.  It’s our summer guilty pleasure.  I would be the first one booted off.  I would try to coach everyone, wouldn’t want to lie, and I’d miss my kids and hubby too much.

Anita's Guacamole is so good it should be illegal.
Anita’s Guacamole is so good it should be illegal.

Time to cook up some of these veggies I got from our farm market on Wednesday in our town during the summer. No herbicides or pesticides, I got these with some fresh made cheese and other goodies. More pictures to follow. Enjoy your weekend. If you get the chance to visit New York City, do it. It should be on your bucket list. There are crowds, but the pulse is indescribable. It is what it feels like to be alive. I brought that back to Jersey and I’m going to make life exciting in my world.

Where’s the wine?

This was perfect for this morning.
This was perfect for this morning.

It’s like Day 100 of the break. Okay, it’s more like Day 11, but you get the drift.  Some days I deserve a trophy.  I started the day with Peppermint hot chocolate from my favorite chocolate company.  Everyone loves the mug.  Who didn’t want to be Wonder Woman.  I was her for Halloween a few years ago.  I actually think Wonder Woman would be someone like me…a mom of five.

Aren’t I so fancy?


I am silly and need to be in order to keep my sanity. I used this mask I got from Elena Bower.  I cannot confirm nor deny that I did a ballet workout with this on, wearing my bra and leggings, while listening to “Baby Got Back” and such old school hip hop awesomeness on Pandora.  I have my go-to’s for vibe raiser.  Nature, music, make-up, and cooking are some of them.  And wine.
Yes, I have an adorable baby.  Just look at all her faces.

She's so very.
She’s so very.

What you don’t know is my house is still holiday messy, managing the kids on cloudy rainy days is a big deal, and we totally lost a packet we needed to return back after break. Ya know…and I’m five days from my book launch.
Come Monday, I’ll be putting my biz hat on and getting my shit more organized.

My middle son Finnegan
My middle son Finnegan


I was really feeling kinda proud we had a good day. Then I just had a crazy mom yelling fit because we are having one of those night. Finnegan had an epic meltdowm. He recovered after a while but I was drained. I’m pouring my glass on wine. Yes, I’d love a break from this chaos. Running away seems easy when you’re yelling in the trenches. It feels like survival. But love is messy. Saturday night fun over here…and then magic happens.

My youngest son, Seamus who will turn 5 this month, was just doing Qi Gong he remembered us doing. He threw energy balls at me. Little man who has a bad mouth and a naughty sense of humor turned into Yoda.

“Can you feel the energy, Mom?”
“Christmas makes me feel like the real me.”
“I’m grateful for everything.”
“I’m comfortable with my life.”
“I can feel a lot inside…it’s like a bunch of joy.”

He shifted my whole mood.  My heart broke open again.  I’m in awe.  Tomorrow is my 18th Anniversary.  I cannot even imagine what it was like back then.  The night before my wedding eighteen years ago, I was pregnant with my oldest daughter.  It’s like another lifetime ago.  I have my second book coming out this week, we have five kids now, and so much adventure in the ordinary extraordinary life my husband and I have had all these years. I’m blessed.  My boys are fighting again.

It’s bedtime and better days tomorrow.  This is realness.  If you want fake happy.  I’m not your girl.  I’m human.  The boys are saying sorry to each other.  Roller coaster and re-center.  MomWorld is not for the weak.  😉

I just taught them Hoʻoponopono:

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.