Ladies, please listen.

There are two points I want to make.

It is okay for you to be focused on trying to be day by day, moment by moment, trying to be the best mom, doing minimal self-care, and not focused on your partner and feel like sex is just one more thing you have to do….

I have been there.

Please don’t stay there too long though.

Hear me. No judgement here, just sharing what helped me come alive.

Shut the fuck up about your belly pouch. Seriously, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. We all, except some fitness or lucky ones, or ones who have had work done.

YOU ARE STILL SEXY! You are beautiful.

I know what it’s like to stress about money, home work balance, anxiety about the world, feeling like the kids suck your dry, being angry all the time, feeling alone, and yes the hating of the body.

Obligatory sex once a week. I did that a time in my twenties.

I was not putting energy into my marriage and neither was he.

We loved each other always, but I was checked out and so was he. TV was entertainment, not each other.

Dates felt awkward.

I’d bitch about the kids. He’d bitch about work.

I felt closer to girlfriends than him.

But I will tell you I went on an inner quest, a wild ass journey to get to know myself and learn to like her, to be happy without outer things changing, and to feel alive.

Just going through the motions was not going to work anymore. I felt like I was dying the housewife slow death. I worked sporadically but it wasn’t anything that fulfilled me.

I was guided to write a novel.

Then another. (First one is next to be published though.)

I found a PASSION. I decided to talk nicely to myself. I choose to work on our relationship. I believe marriage needs to be emotionally renewed yearly or more…maybe just once is your turning point.

I looked at sex differently. It became transcendent. Cosmic love in our hearts and bodies. Sex is an act. Many different ways and flavors. .Sensual way of being with each other many call foreplay. Your life can be foreplay.

I’m telling you all of this so you know you can change it.

If you lose the connection long enough, it can create something where one side i done and/or has moved on with someone else secretly.

Don’t look to your partner to change. Complaining about them on a constant is not a motivator. Focus on what you like about them.

There is so much juice in focus, choice, accepting your partner fully, honoring them, and making them feel like you cherish them.

Create romance. Seduce yourself. Talk to yourself like you know you are a Goddess. Self-love yourself with baths, yoga class, a new purse, whatever self-care you need to feel like a woman and not just a role like mom, wife, lawyer, whatever.

Make the dinner reservation and book the babysitter. i dare you to make it an overnighter.

Buy the lingerie, candles, toys, whatever lights you up.

Do this for YOU. Do this for you BOTH.

A happy marriage/relationship is a great foundation for your children. They are going to grow up and move out. Don’t wait to pay attention to your partner then.

Treat each other life boyfriend or girlfriend again.

This is possible for you. Whenever you are ready.

It is worth it to be madly in love again

And to love myself deep down into my cells….flaws and all.

xx, Jenny

(P.S. My kids are 20, 16, 10, 7, & 3 and my husband and I have been together for 21 years, married for 20)


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Why I’m a phony?

And you are too.
Blasphemy for a life coach!

Do I really believe this?

No.  I think we are all human.  I think some of us try to focus on the positive.  And if you are promoting your business, lifestyle, coaching or positioning yourself as an expert…you should have ALL your shit together.

A.  This is a perfectionist trap.
B.  This would mean you would have to live in a hut in the middle of nowhere ALONE with all your needs taken care of.

You know…conditions would have to be PERFECT.  Hahahaha!  My life in in New Jersey.  I have five kids.  They are all spirited with complex personalities.  Obviously all kids are, but most of mine are fiery.  Wonder where they get it from.  😉

Even if you are just on social media for fun, you are not being 100% authentic.  I try to be heart authentic as possible, but I’m not posting pics of my junk drawers (yes, plural) or how my bathrooms need to be cleaned. Does this mean people can’t know the real me.  The real me is ALL of it, good, babd, and ugly but lots of times I can’t post stuff related to other people in my life and it’s their business anyway.  Does it hold me back as a writer and blogger…at times yes.  Does it hold me back as a life coach, to not post all the rawness?  No, but dealing with it makes me a better life coach, as I gain more experience, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, clarity, and focus.  You should know I talk to coaches all the time and behind-the-scenes they are struggling, working on, or dealing with something they don’t post about.  They are still being authentic and not phony.  They may use filters on their photos.  I do all the time.  They use retouched photos for their ads and it’s just smart business.  Let’s let go of judging others and ourselves so harshly.  Let people own their best selves and cheer them on as they get closer to it.  I’m cheering you all on and don’t judge you for where you are now.  It’s just today.  Your future self is being created right now.

So if you think you know me from social media, just like all of us, you get a snippet of my life.  Not everyone can be in our private life. I hope you all have friends who can help you when you are going through something…because some people never let anyone in.  If you are going through relationship problems with a partner, child, parent, sibling, or friend, sometimes it’s hard to talk about as it confirms it to be real.  Or we may cry if we start talking.  I have had some really stressful things going on lately (not with the hubs so don’t even get any ideas-LOL!).  I don’t post this on social media, but I will share what I learn on the other side.  If it looks like I am a phony because I post happy things, pretty selfies, and inspiring quotes and you know in my “real life” I have what you would call “problems”…that’s on you.  I am being me in the best way I can.  Going on rants online is not my thing.  Problems are opportunities for solutions.  Just like questions are creating answers.  It’s all about perspective.   There is juice in all of it to be gained.  Be easy on yourself and others. Everyone has got some “stuff.”

I love you guys!

Wishing you all abundant success, passion, happiness, and peace wrapped up in love,
Jenny G. Perry
Mojo Expert-Life Catalyst

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