Why I’m a phony?

And you are too.
Blasphemy for a life coach!

Do I really believe this?

No.  I think we are all human.  I think some of us try to focus on the positive.  And if you are promoting your business, lifestyle, coaching or positioning yourself as an expert…you should have ALL your shit together.

A.  This is a perfectionist trap.
B.  This would mean you would have to live in a hut in the middle of nowhere ALONE with all your needs taken care of.

You know…conditions would have to be PERFECT.  Hahahaha!  My life in in New Jersey.  I have five kids.  They are all spirited with complex personalities.  Obviously all kids are, but most of mine are fiery.  Wonder where they get it from.  😉

Even if you are just on social media for fun, you are not being 100% authentic.  I try to be heart authentic as possible, but I’m not posting pics of my junk drawers (yes, plural) or how my bathrooms need to be cleaned. Does this mean people can’t know the real me.  The real me is ALL of it, good, babd, and ugly but lots of times I can’t post stuff related to other people in my life and it’s their business anyway.  Does it hold me back as a writer and blogger…at times yes.  Does it hold me back as a life coach, to not post all the rawness?  No, but dealing with it makes me a better life coach, as I gain more experience, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, clarity, and focus.  You should know I talk to coaches all the time and behind-the-scenes they are struggling, working on, or dealing with something they don’t post about.  They are still being authentic and not phony.  They may use filters on their photos.  I do all the time.  They use retouched photos for their ads and it’s just smart business.  Let’s let go of judging others and ourselves so harshly.  Let people own their best selves and cheer them on as they get closer to it.  I’m cheering you all on and don’t judge you for where you are now.  It’s just today.  Your future self is being created right now.

So if you think you know me from social media, just like all of us, you get a snippet of my life.  Not everyone can be in our private life. I hope you all have friends who can help you when you are going through something…because some people never let anyone in.  If you are going through relationship problems with a partner, child, parent, sibling, or friend, sometimes it’s hard to talk about as it confirms it to be real.  Or we may cry if we start talking.  I have had some really stressful things going on lately (not with the hubs so don’t even get any ideas-LOL!).  I don’t post this on social media, but I will share what I learn on the other side.  If it looks like I am a phony because I post happy things, pretty selfies, and inspiring quotes and you know in my “real life” I have what you would call “problems”…that’s on you.  I am being me in the best way I can.  Going on rants online is not my thing.  Problems are opportunities for solutions.  Just like questions are creating answers.  It’s all about perspective.   There is juice in all of it to be gained.  Be easy on yourself and others. Everyone has got some “stuff.”

I love you guys!

Wishing you all abundant success, passion, happiness, and peace wrapped up in love,
Jenny G. Perry
Mojo Expert-Life Catalyst

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Happy Mail

In case you didn’t know. 🙂

I love happy mail.
My business address is:
P.O. Box 1132
Ocean City, NJ 08226

I wanted to share some of my day with you. I got this happy mail from How to Be A Redhead.  Isn’t it awesome! This color loves me.  Blue is one of my colors, not just because of my hair, but my eyes are blue and it makes them pop.  I think anyone can wear blue though.

No words describe this properly.
No words describe this properly.

This is beyond good.  I already described my delight with all three flavors on Instagram.  Now I need to get my hands on more.  Like for real.  You can check out Heidi Ho for yourself. This isn’t like a kinda good cheese fake-out, it’s unbelievable!  This was perfect to have after going to Target with all five kids.  They have some great vegetarian frozen food there. Like A LOT!  I was pleasantly surprised.  I could spend $1,000,000 in Target.  No lie.  We bought one thing for my older daughter’s dorm room.  Yes, way to early…but she’s an epic planner and I’ve been a big girl and talking about the “c” word lately.  I’m gonna miss her a ton.


I remember being afraid of Selfies.  Oh, what will THEY think?  I cared more about fitting in than being myself.  Then I realized that people would come and go in my life, except for my family and a hand full of true friends.  I know who I am and find more pieces to discover every day.  I would rather be considered a push over than a bitch in the past and now it’s reversed.  I am not what many would consider a bitch, but being boss, in charge of your life and totally authentic with no apologies for setting boundaries can earn you that title in some people’s eyes.  Their opinion is theirs.  Declare what you want and those that love you…will still love you.  Here was my recent declaration on Facebook:

This year I will not add any energy to any relationships that do not nurture me. Exception to the rule is my relationship with my children which do not always feel good. They challenge me to grow and I always find more love past my judgment and theirs. Parenting is a spiritual boot camp at times. Five completely different strong-willed beings with their own intention and I’m raising them in a world conditioned to be normal.

My friendship circle is tightening up and my time for acquaintances with chit-chat will be limited. If you can accept all of me, I will love you fully, if not I’ll love you on a soul level and choose other beings to play with. If you ask me my opinion this year, prepare yourself for full me. I’m intense and I don’t play small anymore. You don’t have to believe in your dreams anymore, but I’ll be creating more until the day I die. Crystal clear on my wants. If you don’t like how I roll, keep on moving along, I bless you. If you don’t agree with me, you are not wrong, you are you and I’m me. I’ll remain open to newness but no focus on bullshit.

I will not counsel through messaging, if you would like exclusive intuitive coaching, email me for my limited availability. I’ll see if we are a fit. This snobbery of my vibration serves me, my family, and the world. I am keeping my vibe high and pure, blasting Light and sparks of Divine blooming even more.

My book will have lots of inspiration for $8.88 and Kindle will include pictures and a slightly lower price. I’ll have gems on my website for free and I’ll always have free wisdom, but it’s time to take my vision to the next level. I’ll be cheering you on in my heart forevermore.

P. S. Never assume anything with me. This isn’t about anything but fire words coming through and picking up on this in the world. No incident or person came to mind, I just knew it needed to be declared for myself.

P. P. S. Fun blog coming to my website today. I want to help you get your energy high going into EPIC 2015!

When you love yourself, you set yourself free.   What’s your declaration?  And tag me in your next Selfie so I can cheer you on!   Namaste, Blessings, & all the yummy delicious to you!

P.S. I talk about  Selfies in my book. Countdown is six days from launch!