Sexpot With Stretch Marks

Sexpot Book Cover one

Hello cuties! Going with a thankful Thursday vibe here even though my two youngest sons are driving each other bonkers at the end of summer here. (I have five kiddos from 2 1/2 to 19.) I wanted to spread some positivity to all you mommies. If you lost your mojo, need a pick-me-up today or just like to read uplifting stuff, click below for a copy of my ebook, Sexpot With Stretch Marks~Fierce Musings Along the Journey to Self-Love with Sass.” Have a fabulous day!

Love, Jenny

Dangerous Desire


Desire used to feel like a beast I had to tie down and keep numb. That her fire was dangerous. That she would consume too much and just spit out good. I should quiet her like others seemed to be able to do. To play nice. That the seeking and yearning that desire and I had, meant we would never know peace.

I got still in the quiet and I found peace was there with desire. I saw that desire was healthy, vibrant, alive. She was beautiful. I listened to her passion. She wanted expression. She told me the Universe was ever-expanding and unfolding just like we were. Give me a pen she said. Let me write. Don’t even think about other people, their opinions, their realities, just let me dance with the words. Let me be a writer.

I got out of the way. I let desire take over. She wrote her soul. Over and over again. The part of me that was wild, messy, and untameable. But even then, she was never ruled by fear. Oh no, desire at her core is love. Love for more, for experience, for the juiciness of heart sexy moments. Our journey together taught me who I was, without labels or rules. Her truth changes and yet stays pure in deep knowing, teaching me to grow constantly.
The sacred life is trusting your desire and not fearing it. Your spirit wants to be a part of your life. Desire is a delicious vehicle for your fire. You will not be burned by your truth. You will just start living.